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Zhou Xun (Джоу Сюн)

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周迅 / Zhou Xun/ Джоу Сюн


Професия: Актриса, певица, продуцент, режисьор

Дата на раждане:18 октомври 1974 г.  


Родно място: : Quzhou, Zhejiang, Китай

Височина: 160 см

Тегло: 43 кг.

Зодия: везни

Китайски зодиак: тигър

Агенция:K. Artists

Образование: Zhejiang School of Art

Език: Мандарин, английски, диалект джънджоу, кантон

Семеен статус: бивш съпруг Archie Kao








Imperfect Victim (2023) as Lin Han

A Little Mood for Love / Xiao Min Jia (2022) as Liu Xiaomin

Order of Republic/Medal of the Republic (2021) as Tu Youyou

Imperfect Love (2020) as Lin Xuzhi

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (2018) as Ruyi

Red Sorghum (2014) as Jiu'er

Beach as Ah Tung (2003)

Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003) as Huang Rong

Business Family (2003)

Ju Zi Hong Le as Xiu He (CCTV, 2002)

Tai Ping Tian Guo as Shi Yi Yang (CCTV, 2000)

Love Story in Shanghai as Du Xin Yu (2000)

April Rhapsody as Lin Hui Yin (2000)

Da Ming Gong Ci as young Princess Tai Ping (CCTV, 2000)

Jin Qian Ben Se 金钱本色 (2000)

Maid in Green 绿衣红娘 (1999)

As Long As You're Happy 开心就好 (2000)

Advisor of Shaoxing 绍兴师爷 (1999)

Jingtan Fengyun 警坛风云 (1998)

Hong Chu Fang 红处方 (1997)

Zheng Yue'e Turns Over A New Leaf 三言二拍之郑月娥从良记 (1993)




Hidden Blade (2023)
All Tomorrow's Parties (2022)
Hero (2022)

The Eleventh Chapter (2021)

Across the Furious Sea (2021)

The Weary Poet (2021)

Her Story (2021)

The Eleventh Chapter (2021)

The Yin Yang Master (2021)

Remain Silent (2019)

The Great Escape (2017)

Meet Miss Anxiety (2014)

Women Who Flirt (2014)

Overheard 3 (2014)

The Silent War (2012)

Cloud Atlas (2012)

Painted Skin II (2012)

The Great Magician (2011)

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)

The Founding of a Party (2011)

True Legend (2010)


The Message (2009)

All About Women (2008)

Painted Skin (2008)

The Equation of Love and Death (2008)

Ming Ming (2007)

The Banquet (2006)

Perhaps Love (2005)

Stolen Life (2005)

Beauty Remains (2005)

A Westlake Moment (2004)

Baober in Love (2004)

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone (2002)

A Pinwheel Without Wind (2001)

Hollywood Hong Kong (2001)

Beijing Bicycle (2001)

Suzhou River (2000)

花桥荣记 / My Rice Noodle Shop (1998)

The Emperor and the Assassin (1997)

Temptress Moon (1996)

A Spoiled Young Wife Goes to Earn a Living (1996)

Maiden Rose (1995)

胭楼记 / Story of Rouge Chamber (1993)

古墓荒斋 / Inside an Old Grave (1991)



Gaze Beyond (遥望), Run For Young (2020)

Piao Yao (飘摇) Drift, Ju Zi Hong Le opening theme song (2002)

Chun Qu Chun You Hui Lai (春去春又回来) Spring Leaves and Returns, Ju Zi Hong Le ending theme song (2002)



26th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress for "The Banquet" (2007)

25th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Actress for "Perhaps Love" (2006)

2006 Golden Horse Awards: Best Actress for "Perhaps Love"

2006 Hong Kong Film Critics Association: Best Actress for "Perhaps Love"

25th Hundred Flowers Awards: Best Actress for A Pinwheel Without Wind (2002)





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