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Park Gyu Young (Пак Гю Йонг)


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☼ Галерия:

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Име:  Park Gyu Young / Park Kyu Young / 박규영

Дата на раждане: 27 юли 1993

Mясто на раждане: Пусан

Зодия: Лъв

Професия: Aктриса

Агенция: Saram Entertainment

Oбразование: Yonsei University

☼  Instagram: lavieenbluu



Squid Game S2 (Netflix, TBA)
A Good Day to Be a Dog (MBC, 2023) - Han Hae Na
Sweet Home 3 (Netflix, 2024) - Yoon Ji Su

Sweet Home 2 (Netflix, 2023) - Yoon Ji Su
Celebrity (Netflix, 2023) - Seo A Ri

Dal Ri and Gamjatang (KBS2, 2021) - Kim Dal Ri

Devil Judge (tvN, 2021) - Yoon Soo Hyun

Sweet Home (Netflix, 2020) - Yoon Ji Su

It's Okay to Not Be Okay | Psycho But It's Okay (tvN, 2020) - Nam Joo Ri

Nokdu Flower (SBS, 2019) - Hwang Myung Sim

Romance is a Bonus Book (tvN, 2019) - Oh Ji Yul

The 3rd Charm (JTBC, 2018) - On Ri Won

Queen of Mystery 2 (KBS2, 2018) - Jang Se Yeon

Rain or Shine | Just Between Lovers (JTBC, 2017-2018) - So Mi

Miss Independent Ji Eun (2018) - Kim Ji Eun

Fight for My Way | Тhird-Rate My Way (KBS2, 2017)

School of Magic (Naver TV-JTBC, 2017) - Woo Ri

Suspicious Partner (SBS, 2017) - Park So Young

Solomon's Perjury (JTBC, 2016-2017) - Baek Hye Rin

Bring it on, Ghost | Let's Fight Ghost (tvN, 2016)

Touching You (Naver TV Cast, 2016)

Why Do Women Always Get Upset? (Naver TV Cast, 2016)


☼ Филми:

Love+Sling (2018)

Wretches (2018)

Blackened Heart | Heart Blackened (2017)


☼ Телевизия / Уебдрами / Tв филми:

Drama Special: The Tuna and the Dolphin (KBS2, 2018) - Kang Hyun Ho

Drama Special: Kang Duk Soon's Love History (KBS2, 2017) - Na Aae Hyang


Видеоклипове с нейно участие:

Lee Seung Gi - I Will (2020)

Urban Zakapa - You Are the Reason (2018)

J.Y. Park - Blue and Red (2017)

DAY6 - I Like You (2017)

Jo Kwon - Crosswalk (2016)

Wilcox - Cake Shop (2015)


☼ Награди:

Best New Actress (Dali and Cocky Prince) - 2021 KBS Drama Awards
Best Couple Award (Dali and Cocky Prince) - 2021 KBS Drama Awards

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Потвърдена за главна роля в новата драма Celebrity.  Като знаменитост, която внезапно се появява като комета, тя преобръща живота си за миг с нетрадиционни действия, за разлика от други инфлуенсъри.

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