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Lee Il Hwa (И Ил Хуа)


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Име: Lee Il Hwa / 이일화

Дата на раждане: 3 януари 1971 г.

Ръст: 165 см

Образование: Hansung Digital University (Social Welfare)

Семейно положение: от 2011 г. е омъжена за университетски професор; в периода 1996-1997 г. е била омъжена за певеца Kang In Won

Дебют: 1999 г.

Инстаграм: leeilhwa_22la



Eve (tvN, 2022)
Young Lady and Gentleman (KBS2, 2021)

The King's Affection (KBS2, 2021)

Man in a Veil (KBS2, 2020-2021)

Lies of Lies (Channel A, 2020)

Her Private Life (tvN, 2019)

Secrets and Lies (MBC, 2018-2019)

Witch at Court (KBS2, 2017)

Man Who Sets the Table (MBC, 2017-2018)

Good Manager (KBS2, 2017)

Blow Breeze (MBC, 2016-2017)

The Master of Revenge (KBS2, 2016)

Choco Bank (Naver TV Cast, 2016)

Reply 1988 (tvN, 2015-2016)

She Was Pretty (MBC, 2015)

Life in Additional Time (Naver TV-TV Chosun, 2015)

Orange Marmalade (KBS2, 2015)

Family Secrets (tvN, 2014-2015)

Modern Farmer (SBS, 2014)

Doctor Stranger (SBS, 2014)

Jeong DoJeon (KBS, 2014)

Let's Eat (tvN, 2013-2014) - специално участие

My Love From the Star (SBS, 2013-2014)

Reply 1994 (tvN, 2013)

Empire of Gold (SBS, 2013)

Ugly Alert (SBS, 2013)

Queen of Ambition (SBS, 2013)

Seo Young, My Daughter (KBS2, 2012-2013)

Reply 1997 (tvN, 2012)

TV Novel: Love, My Love (KBS2, 2012-2013)

Feast of the Gods (MBC, 2012) - специално участие

Kimchi Family (JTBC, 2011-2012)

Heartstrings (MBC, 2011)

Midas (SBS, 2011)

Golden Fish (MBC, 2010)

No Limit (MBC, 2009)

Korean Ghost Stories (KBS2, 2009) - епизод 10

Cooking up Romance (KBS2, 2008)

Iljimae (SBS, 2008)

Bittersweet Life (MBC, 2008)

Medical Gibang Cinema (OCN, 2007-2008)

Destined to Love (KBS2, 2007)

The Bizarre Bunch (KBS, 2005-2006)

Seo Dong Yo (SBS, 2005-2006)

Eunahui Ddeul (KBS2, 1998)

Son of Wind (KBS2, 1995)


ТВ филми

Drama Special: My Mom's Third Marriage (KBS2, 2018)

Drama Special: Home Sweet Home (KBS2, 2016)



Count (2023)

Hero (2022)
Homme Fatale (2019)

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (2018)

A Living Being (2018)

Daddy You, Daughter Me (2017)

One-Line (2017)

The Accidental Detective (2015)

Fashion King (2014)

Romantic Island (2008)

Frivolous Wife (2008)

No Need to Justify Yearning (1994)



Off Topic




2018 KBS Drama Awards: Special Short Drama Actress (Drama Special: My Mom's Third Marriage)

2017 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Witch at Court)

2017 Korea Drama Awards: Excellent Actress (Good Manager)

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