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Park Jung Min (Пак Джонг Мин)


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Име: Park Jung Min //  박정민

Дата на раждане: 24 март 1987 г.

Mясто на раждане: Chungju

Зодия: Овен

Професия: Актьор

☼  Образование: Korea National University of Arts (Film and Acting)

Агенция: SEM Company



The 8 Show (Netflix, 2024)
Shooting Stars (tvN, 2022) - Park Jo Eun (ep. 1)

Hellbound (Netflix, 2021) - Bae Young Jae

Mr. Sunshine (tvN, 2018) - Ahn Chang Ho (ep. 22)

Entourage (tvN, 2016) - Lee Ho Jin

Reply 1988 (tvN, 2015-2016) - Park Jong Hoon (ep. 8)

Valid Love (tvN, 2014-2015) - Jang Gi Tae (Hee Tae's brother)

You're All Surrounded (SBS, 2014) - Ji Kook

Golden Time (MBC, 2012) - Jang Young Woo

Feast of the Gods (MBC, 2012) - Jang Mi So



Harbin (2023)
One Win (2023)

Smugglers (2023)

Decision to Leave (2022)

Miracle: Letters to the President (2021)

Unframed (2021) - режисьор на сегмента "Class Representative Election"

Deliver Us From Evil (2020)

Time to Hunt (2020)

Start-Up (2019)

Tazza: One Eyed Jack (2019)

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Sunset In My Hometown 2018)

Psychokinesis (2018)

Keys To The Heart /That's Only My World (2018)

The King’s Case Note (2017)

The Artist: Reborn | Gisel, Born Again  (2017)

The King (2017)

Horror Stories III (2016)

Unforgettable | Pure Love(2016)

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet | Dongju (2016)

Office (2015)

Heartbreak Hotel  (2014)

Mad Sad Bad (2014) (segment "Ghost")

Blood Boiling Youth /Hot Young Bloods / Boiling Youth (2014)

Tinker Ticker (2013)

The Flu | Gamgi (2013)

Fists of Legend (2013)

Dancing Queen (2012)

The Cap of Fools (2011)

Bleak Night (2011)

Study Group (2010) - short film

Lovers (2008) - short film

The End of the World (2007) - short film



2017: Romeo & Juliet

2014: The Escape of G-Code

2012-2013: Kisaragi Miki Chan

2011: Kisaragi Miki Chan


☼ Телевизия / Уебдрами/ Tв филми:

Drama Special Series: Puberty Medley | Adolescence Medley (KBS2, 2013) - Shin Young Bok

Drama Special: Human Casino (KBS2, 2011) - Cha Tae Oh


Видеоклипове с негово участие:

IU - With the Heart to Forget You (2018)


☼ Предавания:

Running Man (SBS, 2019) Ep.465

Running Man (SBS, 2018) Ep.397

I Am Also Film Director 2 (CGV Channel, 2015)


☼ Награди:

2021 (57th) BaekSanng Arts Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Deliver Us from Evil)

2020 (41st) Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Deliver Us from Evil)

2018 Asia Model Awards: Popular Star Award (Actor)

2017 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Dong Ju)

2016 (37th) Blue Dragon Film Awards  Best New Actor (Dong Ju)

2016 PaekSang Arts Awards: Best new actor (Dong Ju)

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Обновена филмография.
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