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Jang Ki Yong (Чанг Ги Йонг)

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ИмеChang Ki Yong / 장기용

Дата на раждане: 7 август 1992 г.

Родно място: Улсан, Южна Корея

Семейство: майка, баща и по-голям брат
Височина: 187 см

Зодия: Лъв

Професия: актьор, модел

Образование: Yong In University // Seokyeong University

Агенция: YGKplus



Now, We Are Breaking Up (SBS, 2021)

My Roommate Is a Gumiho (tvN, 2021)

Hello, Me (KBS2, 2021) - ep. 1

Born Again (KBS2, 2020) - Kong Ji Cheol (1980s) / Cheon Jong Beom (present day)

Search: WWW (tvN, 2019) - Park Mo Gun

Kill It (OCN, 2019) - Kim Soo Hyun

Touch Your Heart (tvN, 2019) - top actor (ep. 1) /cameo

Come and Hug Me | Come Here and Give Me A Hug (MBC, 2018) - Chae Do Jin

My Mister (tvN, 2018) - Lee Gwang Il

Go Back Couple | Confession Couple (KBS2, 2017) - Jung Nam Gil

The Liar and His Lover (tvN, 2017) - Ji In Ho

Beautiful Mind (KBS2, 2016) - Nam Ho Young

This is My Love | Beloved Eun Dong | My Love Eun Dong (JTBC, 2015) - Lee Seok Tae 

Schoolgirl Detectives (JTBC, 2014-2015) - An Chae Joon (Chae Yool's older brother)

The Greatest Wedding (TV Chosun, 2014) - Bae Deu Ro

Surplus Princess | The Mermaid (tvN, 2014) - Kim Yoon Sung

It's Ok, This is Love (SBS, 2014) - Sam



Sweet and Sour (2020)

The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos (2019)


Телевизия / Web драми:

The boy next door | Some Guy (Naver tv Cast, 2017) - Sung Ki Je

Love for a Thousand More (NAVER tvcast , 2016) - Jason

We Broke Up (Naver TV Cast, 2015) - Seo Hyun Woo


Видеоклипове с негово участие:

Your Night, My Morning - Brown Eyed Soul [2019]

The End - Kwon Jin-ah [2016]

When in Hongdae - Hongdae Kwang [2016]

Friday - IU [2013]

Red Shoes - IU [2013]

Gentleman Model Parody [2013]

Instant Romantic Floor - Ma Ma Disco teaser [2013]


☼ Предавания:

Tribe of Hip Hop [2016] - Тop 10

Singing Battle [2016]

Onstyle Video Diary [2014-2015]

Off To School [2014]

Tasty Road [2014]

YongTV by The Icon [2014]

Beyond TV [2014]


☼ Дискография:

Eye Kiss with Lovelybut {Chapter.4 You and Me Song } [2013]

Some Guys with Choi Woo Shik  {The boy next door / Some Guy OST} [2017]

Paradise Tree {Come and Hug Me special OCT} [2018]


☼ Награди:
Best New Actor (Come and Hug Me) - 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards

Best Couple Award (with Jin Ki Joo) (Come and Hug Me) - 2018 MBC Drama Awards

Excellent Actor (Wednesday & Thursday mini series) (Come and Hug Me) - 2018 MBC Drama Awards

Rising Star Award  - 2018 8th Korea Hallyu Awards

Rookie Award - 2018 3rd Asia Artist Awards

Best New Actor (My Mister) - 2018 6th APAN Star Awards

Best Dressed Model - 2015 Korea's Best Dresser Swan Awards

Fashion Model Award - 2014 9th Asia Model Awards


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"Ела и ме прегърни" ме порази с жестокостта си. За мен е трудно гледаем, но великолепен сериал. От тук познавам Чанг Ги Йонг. Актьор с бъдеще, но има нещо в излъчването му, което ми се стори много зловещо. Ще трябва да извърви още дълъг път, но мисля, че накрая ще стигне там за където е тръгнал."

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За предстоящия му сериал Born Again заедно  с Lee Soo Hyuk  са направили фотосесия и интервю за Esquire




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In the interview accompanying the pictorial, Lee Soo Hyuk and Jang Ki Yong talked about the drama, their characters, working together, looking back on their modeling and acting careers, and more.


Asked about taking on his first drama in four years, Lee Soo Hyuk said, “I had a strong thirst to act in a drama again. I know that fans are also anticipating it, so I want to show them a good performance. I can’t say that I didn’t feel pressure, but my co-stars work so hard and the atmosphere on set is so good that it makes me want to do my best.”

About his dual characters, he said, “We started filming with the 1980s backdrop and we are currently filming in the present-day. It feels like we finished filming a short drama and are starting a new one. The production staff worked hard to prepare the set, filming locations, props, and costumes in order to bring the 1980s to life. When I see the electronics and clothes from the ’80s, it really feels like I went back in time. When we started filming in the present-day, everything felt new. There is a big difference between the two characters, but the writer made those differences clear with changes in tone and dialogue.”


Asked about the dark side of a seemingly glamorous model and actor lifestyle, he replied, “I debuted as a model at an early age and am living as an actor now. It might seem very strange to others. And I’m not trying to say that I’m a very ordinary person either. But it is true that I live a more ordinary life than people think. Other than my work, I am not that different from my male peers. Sometimes it feels like I am distant from the general public because of my image, but recently I appeared on variety shows and showed a more natural side of myself.”


The interviewer mentioned Jang Ki Yong saying in an old interview that he had dreamed of becoming a model after seeing Lee Soo Hyuk on the runway. Lee Soo Hyuk responded, “As far as I know, that was a long time ago. I am very grateful for his words. I think he might be inspired by someone else now [laughs]. I also had times when I cultivated dreams by looking at role models, and when I make a choice, I think about me being a role model as well. I want to make good choices so that someone who is watching me can feel something. I feel good about what he said, but I don’t think that I had that big an influence, so this is a bit embarrassing.”





Jang Ki Yong talked about this in his own interview as well. “When I was around 19, I saw Soo Hyuk’s fashion show videos and the TV program ‘Seven Models.’ I realized that the job of modeling held a certain fascination for me and I thought it was my fate to pursue it. I had a lot of difficulty in persuading my parents to let me come up to Seoul from Ulsan. It goes to show how much I respect Soo Hyuk as a senior, so it’s a big deal that we’re working together on the same production now. It also shows me how much I’ve grown since then. I like that we’re able to talk together while filming. It holds a special meaning to work together as an actor with someone who you wanted to be like.”


Jang Ki Yong was asked about becoming a role model like Lee Soo Hyuk was for him. He replied, “I would feel good if that were to happen. I think Soo Hyuk would feel good about it too. When he was working hard as a model, if he knew that there was a junior who longed to be like him, he would feel a new meaning in everything he had done so far. If I could feel that, I would be happy. I would also tell them to buy me a meal [laughs].”




About his dual characters, he said, “It’s a big challenge to take on, but I like trying new things with every project. I like playing characters who are different from what I’ve done before, and trying things I’ve never done until now. In ‘Go Back Couple,’ I played a college student, and in ‘My Mister,’ I played a loan shark. They were complete polar opposites. I like the special meaning imbued in playing such extremes.”

He added that this made his dual roles in “Born Again” especially exciting. “In the past, I felt that excitement in the flow between changing from one production to another. I can experience that feeling now in a single production. On the other hand, I think I’m becoming more sensitive and I have a lot more concerns, but the work of an actor is to do what you’ve never experienced before.”




cr: soompi


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Той е сред наборите, които тази година трябва да влязат в казарма.:panda-145:


Днес беше обявено, че е получил оферта за главна роля в webtoon "A Falling Cohabitation цък  :D

Така така преди казарма :D

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Младежа ще е новото лице на  Lab Series:panda-145:

Пълната фотосесия очаквайте през октомври в Esquire





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За новата колекция на Fahrenheit F / W (есен/зима).

То е тяхно лице още от 2018:panda-145:


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Втора част::panda-145:



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tvN потвърди  #JangKiYong  и #Hyeri (GIRLS DAY) като главни в новата им драма 'A Falling Cohabitation'.:panda-145:

Видях и заглавие: My Roommate is a Gumiho

Направена е по  webtoon

Очаква се през 2021.

Романтична комедия между гумихо, който събира мъниста от човешка енергия в продължение на 999 години, за да се превърне в човешко същество, и студентка, погълнала човешките си мъниста




Ще се излъчва и по #iQIYI :panda-145:



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Добавене ~
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В преговори за нова драма:'Now We're Breaking Up' заедно с Song Hye Kyo. (тя е потвърдила).:panda-145:

Сценарист: Kim Eun Sook (Goblin, DOTS)

Режисьор: Ahn Gil Ho ( “Forest of Secrets” 1, “Memories of the Alhambra,” “Watcher,” “Record of Youth.”)

По източници ще се снима през втората половина на 2021.

Ще се излъчва или в края на 2021 и в началото на 2022.

Image Image

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Заедно с Lee Soohyuk ще имат специално участие в новата драма на  KBS -  "Hello, Me!" за да подкрепят режисьора Lee Hyunsuk, с  когото са работели преди по драмата им - Born Again:panda-145:


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Заедно с Lancome  (марка за парфюми и козметика) ще са в новият брой на Marie Claire :panda-145:


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 Image Image


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