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秀波 / Wu Xiu Bo /У Сиу Бо

Професия: Актьор,прoдуцент

Дата на раждане:5 семтември1968 г.  

Родно място: СуджоуКитай

Височина:178 см

Тегло:68 кг.

Зодия: дева

Китайски зодиак: маймуна

Агенция: FWS (喜天影视文化(北京)有限公司)

Образование:Central Academy of Drama (1984-1987)

Език: Мандарин

Етничност: хан

Семейно положение: съпруга и двама сина

Дебют: първа поява на екрана в филма от 1988г. Golden Shoes; 2000 г в драмата Accumulative Emotions 堆积情感(2000)

Baidu Baike






Beijing Blues 人民警察 (2020)

The Fated General (2020)

Abyss Walker (2020)

The Unknown Detective (2020)

City of Desire (2020)

Finding Mr. Right 北京遇上西雅图 (2020)

Marriage, Have You Thought Well (2020)

Spy Hunter (2019)

The Drug Hunter (2018)

Butterfly Crossed the Sea  (2018)

The Advisors Alliance: Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon (2017)

The Advisors Alliance (2017)

Tumultuous Times Scholar 乱世书香(2015)

The Hunting Company 搜索连(2016)

Mountains and rivers 山河同在 (2015) (камео)

Exceedingly High Road 大道通天 (2015)

Strange Coffee 怪咖啡 (2014)

A Civic Yuppie in Countryside/ Ma Xiangyang in the Village 马向阳下乡记(2014)

Shan He Tong Zai (2015)

My Youth High Eight Degrees 我的青春高八度(2014)

Divorce Lawyers as Chi Hai Dong (2014)

Marriage Secret 结婚的秘密 (2014)

Mop Lady's Spring 抹布女也有春天(2013)

The Patriot Yue Fei 精忠岳飞(2013)

Pagoda Tree Blooming (2013)

Diors Man 2 (2013)

Sorry I'm in Love with You (2013)

Marriage, Did You Think It Over (2013)

Orphan of the Zhao Family as Cheng Ying (2012)

Angel Heart 心术 as Huo Si Miao (2012)

Wan Family Has Treasure Book Family (2012)

Master Lin in Seoul /Chef Lin in Seoul (2012)

The Next Magic 下一个奇迹  (2012)

Heart and Skill (2012)

Four Marshals 新四大名捕 (2012)

Qing Mang 青盲 (2012)

Drunken as a Song (2012)

Black Fox (2011)

Please Forgive Me 请你原谅我(2011)

The Intention (2011)

Before Dawn 黎明之前 (2010)

Shanghai Shanghai 上海,上海 (2010)

Fire 追捕 (2010)

Snow Leopard 雪豹 (2010)

Ma Family Past Events (2010)

Paying Attention 留神 (2010)(камео)

Brother's Happiness 老大的幸福 (2010) (камео)

Invincible Love 大爱无敌(2009)

Marriage in Coma /Remaining Unconscious 昏迷不醒 (2009)

Sword & Spy 剑谍(2009)

The Wedding 嫁衣 (2009)

Behind The Femininity 温柔的背后 (2009)

Parted Lives, Never Parted Love 天涯咫尺 (2008) 

My Depraved Brother 义本同心 (2009)

Horizon Is Very Close (2009)

Brothers (2008)

A Poem For the Oak 相思树 (2008)

Tracing All 追查到底(2007)

Road to Road/ Dao Ke Dao 道可道 (2007)

Justice Heart (2007)

Investigation (2007)

29 and a Half Days 29天半 (2006)

Yu Sui 玉碎_(2006)

Redaction Hero Tiger Courage 新英雄虎胆 (2006)

Divorce Going On 离婚进行时 (2005)

Ice Under the Sunlight 阳光下的冰器 (2005)

Catching Snake 捕蛇行动 (2005)

Alternative Ways 非常道 (2004)

Soldier's Secret 军人机密(2005)

Emphasis Detect 立案侦查 (2003)

Heave Bird 天堂鸟(2003) (камео)
Blue Color Contest 蓝色较量 (2002)(камео)

Sister Ma and Her Neighbors 闲人马大姐(2002)

Accumulative Emotions 堆积情感(2000)



A Boyfriend for My Girlfriend


Some Like It Hot 2 (2019)

The Faces of My Gene (2018)

Sky Hunter (2017)

Tik Tok (2015)

The Ferryman (2015)

Book of Love (2015)

You Are My Sunshine (2015)

The Four 3 (2014)

The Four 2 (2013)

Finding Mr. Right (2013)

Love Caused Deficiency (2012)

The Four (2012)

People Mountain People Sea (2011)

The Spirit of Nu River (2005)

Subconsciousness (2011)

Caesar (2011)

Gold Shoes (1988)



The Advisors Alliance (Jiangsu TV, 2017)




15th Golden Phoeonix Awards Society Award for Finding Mr. Right (2015)

17th Wikipedia:Shanghai TV Festival:Magnolia Awards Most Popular Actor for Li Ming Zhi Qian (2011)

25th Golden Eagle Awards for Li Ming Zhi Qian (2011)

Audience's Choice for Actor

Best Performing Arts Actor

6th Huading Awards Best Actor for Li Ming Zhi Qian (2011)













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