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Jiang Meng Jie (Дзян Мън Дзие)

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蒋梦婕 / Jiang Meng Jie/Дзян Мън Дзие

Английско име: 

Известна като:

Професия: Актриса, 

Дата на раждане:7 декември 1989 г.  


Родно място:  Wuhu, Anhui  , Китай

Височина: 166 см

Тегло: 45 кг.

Зодия: стрелец

Китайски зодиак: змия

Агенция: FWS

Образование:Beijing Dance Academy (Ballet major)

Език: Мандарин 

Семеен статус: 

Дебют:  2010 г.в драмата The Dream of Red Mansions 

Baidu Baike






My Dear Lady (2020)

Dear One 亲爱的孩子 (2020)

I Am Not a Legend 哥不是传说 (TBA)

The Legends of Monkey King (2020) as Yang Chan

Wait in Beijing (2020) as Jia Xiaoduo

The Perfect Wedding (2017) as Ning Xia

Above The Clouds (2017) as Ji Qing

Suddenly Seventeen (2016) as Liang Xia

Our Little Secret (2016)

Love is Giving (2015)

Miss Badass (2015)

The Flaming Brothers (2015)

Liao Zhai New Compilation (2015) as Xiao Man

Promised Happiness 说好的幸福 (2014)

The Empire Warrior (2013) as Song Tiantian

The Diamond's Dream (2013)

Death Do Us Part 生死相依 (2013)

Sea Mother (2012) as Ning Chenxiang

Hidden Intention (2011) as Liuliu

Youth Melody (2011) as Pu Xiaotang

Ji Pin Nan Nu 极品男女日记 (2011)

The Dream of Red Mansions (2010) as Lin Daiyu




The Big Call (2018) as Xu Xiaotu

Love Off the Cuff (2017)

Six Years,Six Days (2017)

Lost in the Pacific (2016)

Sword Master (2016) as Princess Xiao Li

I Am Somebody (2015)

The Sweet River (2014)

Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down (2014) as Wang Xuebing

Bump in the Road (2013)

Unidentified (2013)

Kung Fu Man (2013) as Liu Jie

Joyful Reunion (2012) as Tang Xiaolan

To My Wife (2011) as Chen Yiying










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