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Kim Dong Wook (Ким Донг Ук)


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Име: Kim Dong Wook / 김동욱

Дата на раждане: 29 юли 1983 г.

Зодия: Лъв

Ръст: 175 см

Кръвна група: B

Образование: Korean National University of Arts (School of Drama)

Агенция: KeyEast



Beneficial Fraud (tvN, 2023)
Run Into You (KBS2, 2023)
Sh**ting Stars (tvN, 2022) - епизод 8

The King of Pigs (TVING, 2022)

You Are My Spring (tvN, 2021)

Memoir of the Man (MBC, 2020)

Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo (MBC, 2019)

The Guest (OCN, 2018)

Radiant Office (MBC, 2017)

Riders: Catch Tomorrow (E Channel-DRAMAcube, 2015-2016)

Cheo Yong 2: The Paranormal Detective (OCN, 2015) - епизоди 1-2

More Than a Maid (JTBC, 2014-2015)

I Trusted Him (MBC, 2011)

Like a Dandelion (MBC, 2010)

Korean Ghost Stories (KBS2, 2009) - епизод 7 "The Quiet Village"

The Partner (KBS2, 2009)

Unstoppable Marriage (2007)

Coffee Prince (MBC, 2007)



Trade Your Love (2019)

The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (2018)

Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018)

Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017)

Three Summer Night (2015)

The Concubine (2012)

Countdown (2011)

The Cat (2011)

Romantic Heaven (2011)

Finding Mr. Destiny (2010)

Happy Murderer (2010)

Cafe Seoul (2009)

Take Off (2009)

Five Senses of Eros (2009)

Living Together, Happy Together (2008)

Lost and Found (2008)

APT. (2006)

No Regret (2006)

All For Love (2005)

Flying Boys (2004)

My Wife Is a Gangster 2 (2003)

Tube (2003)

Seoul (2002)


ТВ филми

The Great Gift (SBS, 2011)



2019 MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo) 

2019 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor (Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo)

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Вчера е бил рожденик...



А иначе до сега се чудех от къде ми е познат, но като погледнах къде е играл се усетих.

Гледала съм го в Radiant Office, където малко лоша роля играеше, ама му оправиха накрая мазната физиономия.

Иначе, то в последно време все попадам на пеещи актьори, и той в кюпа.


Едно негово участие в King of masked singer от 2015

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - Cheek have high clown's Identity! 20150906


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Днес се състояха наградите 2020 MBC Drama Awards :panda-145:

Спечели в категория: Best Couple заедно с  Мооn Ga Young за драмата им “Find Me in Your Memory”:panda-145:

Нито един от двамата не присъстваше и наградата беше обявена онлайн ~


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В преговори за нова главна роля за предстоящата драма на tvN drama 'You're My Spring'  . :panda-145:
Сценарист: Lee Mi Na (Bubblegum)
Режисьор: Jung Ji Hyun (The King: Eternal Monarch, Search: WWW)
За главна женска в момента Seo Hyun Jin е в преговори също.
(Пред говореха Yoon Kye Sang да е в главна, но по - рано днес той отказа проект.)
Драмата се очаква през първата половина на следващата  година. (някъде пише втората :D)
Aко приеме той ще игра в ролята на Joo Young Do
Ето сюжета:
Off Topic

“You Are My Spring” is about three characters who each live on with their seven-year-old selves in their hearts. All of the characters are held back by the keyword “salvation,” and the story begins there. The drama aims to be a “healing” romance story of seven-year-olds hiding behind adult facades. The character Kang Da Jung is a hotel concierge manager who takes after her father’s brains and her mother’s resourcefulness. She has never attended a private cram school like her peers, but she enters and finishes college with scholarships. She then goes on to find a job at a five-star hotel and rises up to the manager position faster than any of her fellow employees who were hired at the same time as her. Her problem is that she also takes after her mother’s poor choice in men and dates men who are terrible like her father. Yoon Kye Sang is said to have been offered the role of Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist who helps others heal their emotional wounds and find the will to live. However, he himself bears his own scars from not having been able to save his older brother and one of his patients.



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