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Wang Qian Yuan (Уан Циен Юен)

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王千源 / Wang Qian Yuan/Уан Циен Юен


Професия: Актьор,

Дата на раждане:22 юни 1972 г.  

Родно място: Шънян, провинция ЛяонинКитай

Височина:182 см

Тегло:70 кг.

Зодия: рак

Китайски зодиак

Агенция: FWS (喜天影视文化有限公司)

Образование:  Central Academy of Drama

Език: Мандарин

Етничност: хан

Семейно положение: 

Дебют: 1994г. участва във филма Winner(Ying Jia) заедно с Shao Bing  и Ning Jing

Baidu Baike







Hero Legends (2024) 
The Examination for Everyone (2022) 
The Good Times (2021) 

The Justice (2020)


  Abduction   (2020)

Seven Days (2019)

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (2017)

 Monkey Stamps  (2017)

 The Battle at the Dawn  (2017)

 City of Smoke  (2017)

Winner (2016)

 The Nanny Man  (2015)

The Mekong River (2014)

The Honor of Family (2014)

Mai Fan Fu Qi/ 买房夫妻 (2012)*

The Five Lakes and the Four Seas /All Around/ 五湖四海 (2012)*

 Food to Pregnancy  (2014)

 Editorial Department Story  (2013)

 Royalty in Blood  (2013)

Advance Even (2012)

 The Lying Lover  (2010)

The One (2010)

Resume Marriage (2010)

Never Turns Head (2010)

Tunnel Warfare (2010)

 Dear Enemy  (2009)

Sangqi Zhuang Sang Er Shiyi/Thirty-seven hit Twenty-one/ 三七撞上二十一 (2009)*

National treasure Jin Tianbao Box (2007)

Supreme Order (2007)

Daddy do not cry (2006)

Distance Zero (2005)

The Sea and Sky Boundless (2004)

Romantic Affairs (2004)

Golden Lock Notes (2002)

Taste of Love (2001)

Empty Mirror (2001)

The Truth (2000)

Deadly Encounter (1998)

Dangerous Time (1997)



Flash Over (2021)
Justice Seeker (2021)
The Eight Hundred (2020)

The Old Guy (2020)

Caught in Time (2020)

The Convicted (2019)

The Eight Hundred (2019)

My People, My Country (2019)

The Big Shot (2018)

Shadow (2018)

Lobster Cop (2018)

Goddesses in the Flames of War (2018)

Peace Breaker (2017)

Sky Hunter (2017)

Lost in the Moonlight (2017)

Guns and Kidneys (2017)

The Village of No Return (2017)

Run for Love (2016)

Saving Mr. Wu (2015)

The Crossing (2015)

The Golden Era (2014)

Brotherhood of Blades (2014)

Reviving of Beichuan (2011)

Sweet Journey (2011)

The Piano in a Factory (2010)

Lao Ding's Spring (2009)

Set Off (2008)

Aspirin (2006)

Home in My Heart (2002)

All the Way (2001)

Breaking the Silence (2000)

Big and Small Show (2000)

The Happy Princess (2000)

Don't Love Before Marriage (1998)

The Emperor and the Assassin (1998)

Zheng Fu Si Mang Di Dai (1996)

Winner (1994)










Филмографията му от уикипедия не беше пълна, сериалите и филмите с * са взети от Байду

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