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Regina Wan Qian (Реджина Уан Циен)

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万茜 / Wan Qian/ Уан Циен

Английско име: Regina Wan/Режина Уан

Известна като:

Професия: Актриса, певица

Дата на раждане:14 май 1982 г.  


Родно място: област Хешан ,префектура Иян, Хунан, Китай

Височина: 166 см

Тегло: 44 кг.

Зодия: телец

Китайски зодиак: куче

Агенция:Beijing Sheng Yi Entertainment

Образование: Shanghai Theatre Academy (2000-2004)

Език: Мандарин

Семеен статус: съпруг и дъщеря

Дебют: 2002г. участва в пиесата на гръцката трагедия Антигона и драмата Golden Lock Notes;2006г. пиесата Mian and Wilderness 

Baidu Baike






The Investigator (2020)

The Twelfth Second 第十二秒 (2020) as Hu Jiaying / Xu Han

We Are Young (2020) as Xu Bing

New World (2020) as Tian Dan

Secret of the Three Kingdoms (2018) as Fu Shou

Lost in 1949 (2018) as Huang Liwen

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy ‎(2017) as Nanku Yueli

Game of Hunting (2017) as Xiong Qingchun

The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017) as Dugu Jingyao

The Perfect Couple (2017) as Jiang Yifan

Mature Male Develop a Mind (2017) as Shen Yutong

To Be A Better Man (2016) as Xu Li

128 Incident 铁血淞沪 (2016) as Zhou Huping

Say No For Youth (2015) as Jiang Danchen

0.5 Diors (2014, cameo)

The Children Came Home 孩子回国了 (2014) as Zhang Jiachao

War of Marriage 婚战 (2014) as Hai Lan

Ten Rides of Red Army (2014) as Dai Lan

Flowers in Fog (2013) as Bai Haihua / Lang Hua

The Sweet Burden (2013) as Jian Ai

Phoenix Nirvana (2013) as An Ran

Home, Sweet Home (2012) as Bai Muxi

Before Decisive Battle 决战前 (2012) as Feng Yufei

The Family and Love 儿女情更长 (2012) as Zhang Qian

If I Really 假如我是真的 (2012) as Qian Xiaosui

King for Legend 传奇之王 (2012) as Jian Ping

Naked Wedding (2011) as Chen Jiaojiao

Bridge of Life & Death (2010) as Duan Pingting

Shanghai, Shanghai 上海上海 (2010) as Liu Xiaonan

My Children, My Home 我的孩子我的家 (2010) as Lin Yuhong

Brave Reporters 浴血记者 (2009) as Fan Xiaoyun

Goddess of Mercy 观世音之观音妙缘 (2009) as Tian Suzhen

Chang Jiang Yi Hao 长江一号 (2008) as Xu Mianchu

Justice Department 2 (2007) as Tan Xiaoyu

Secret Order 1949 (2006) as Yang Liu

An Angel's Voice (2005) as Chen Ziwei

Jin Suo Ji 金锁记 (2002) as Juan'er





Wild Goose Lake (2019)

Guilty of Mind (2017)

God of War (2017)

The Insanity (2016)

Hide & Seek (2016)

The Laundryman (2015)

Paradise in Service (2014)

Christmas Rose (2013)

Liao Ru Shi 柳如是 (2012)

Butterfly Lovers (2008)



Wu Cai (无猜) Unsuspecting, Sheng Si Qiao ending theme song (2010)









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