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罗晋 / Luo Jin /Луо Дзин


Известен като: 

Професия: Актьор 

Дата на раждане: 30 ноември  1991 г.  

Родно място: окръг Тунгу, град Ичун, Дзянси , Китай

Височина:181 см

Тегло:68 кг.

Зодия: стрелец

Китайски зодиак: петел

Агенция: Luo Jin Studio

Образование:   Beijing Film Academy (2002-2006)

Език: Мандарин

Етничност: хан

Семейно положение: съпруга Tiffany Tang

Дебют: 2003г. в драмата Showroom Sales 

Baidu Baike







Dynasty Warriors: Destiny of an Emperor (2021)

August Never Ends (2021)

Royal Nirvana Special (2020)

Your Home Is My Business (2020) as Xu Wenchang

Royal Nirvana (2019) as Xiao Dingquan

The Investiture of the Gods (2019) as Yang Jian

Behind The Scenes (2019) as Chun Yuqiao

The Way We Were (2018) as Shu Che

My Story for You (2018) as Zhang Changgong

Love's Lies (2018) as Jin Yuan

Diamond Lover (Special Cut) (2017)

The Princess Weiyoung (2016) as Tuoba Jun

The Door (2016) as Sun Xin (Cameo)

Narrow Road (2015) as Tang Yumian

Robber 枪侠 (2015) as Ma Long

My Three Fathers (2015) as Ning Wuyuan

Diamond Lover (2015) as Lei Yiming

Gorge (2015) като Ma Long

Cosmetology High / The Making of a Beauty(2014) as Di Jiang

Ten Rides of Red Army (2014) as Gao Fuxing

Good Wife 101 (2014) as Tong Xiaoqi

Me and My Amazing Grandma (2014) as Gou Wa

Let go of Your Hand 错放你的手 (2014) as Yuan Kun

Love's Discussion 爱的相对论 (2013) as Yuan Ye

Weaning (2013) as Wu Zhonglin

Agent X (2013) as He Junfeng

A Beauty in Troubled Times (2012) as Chong Yang

Beauties of the Emperor (2012) as Liu Bang

Little Cabbage Unique Case 小白菜奇案 (2012) as Lin Gongshu (cameo)

Mu Guiying Takes Command (2012) as Yang Songbao

Hidden Intention (2011) as Zhou Tianqi

Beauty World (2011) as Ji Dapeng (гост еп. 1)

Far Away The Eagle (2011) as Wu Haiwen

A Cheng of Genesis (2011) as A Cheng / Wang Ronghua

Marriage Code 婚姻密码 (2011) as Wang Yi

Three Kingdoms (2010) as Liu Xie

Beauty's Rival in Palace /Schemes of a Beauty (2010) as Liu Ying

Beautiful Southern (2008) as Chen Qiming

Dream Heaven  梦幻天堂 (2008) as Chen Zibu

Forever Justice 正义永恒 (2008) as Yu Min

The Eyes of War 战争目光 (2008) as Yuan Gao

The Showroom Tales 售楼处的故事 (2003) as A Li (cameo)



Traces (2019) as Wang Dong

Endless Summer (2019) as Zhao Yan

Ash (2017)

Once Upon a Time (2017) as Zhe Yan

Xuan Zang (2016) as Li Chang

Good Morning My Love (2010) as Wang Hai

River on Air (2010) as Lu Yang

Biutiful (2010) as Li Wei

Fujian Blue (2007) as A Long



Heavenly Gift (天赋) with Tiffany Tang - The Princess Weiyoung (2016)

If I Promise You (如果我答应你) - Diamond Lover (2015)

Another Half (另一半) - Good Wife 101 (2014)

Separation (离合) - Agent X (2013)

Love Won't Regret (爱不后悔) - A Beauty in Troubled Times (2012)

Using a Lifetime to Reminisce (用一生回忆) with Tiffany Tang - A Beauty in Troubled Times (2012)



















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