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Adi Kan ( Ади Кан)/Kan Qing Zi (Кан Цин Дзъ)

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Ади Кан


Родена на 15.04.1988

Истинско име: Kan Qing Zi (Кан Цин Дзъ)

Месторождение:   Харбин, Китай
Професия: актриса

Зодия: Овен

Ръст: 165 см

Тегло: 45 кг

Кръвна група: О

Китайски зодиак: Дракон

Етнос: Манджур

Езици: Мандарин, английски

Образование: Beijing Film Academy

Агенция:  Rosat

Дебют: 2008







Delicacy Love Song (2009)

Queen (2012)

Love on That Day (2012)

If Love Turns Around (2013)

Yellow Emperor's Sword 6 (2013)

Enchanted Doll (2014)

Crazy New Year's Eve (2015)

Youth China in the Headlines (2019)

The Captain (2019)

Adoring (2019)




The Firmament of the Pleiades (2010)

The Dream of Red Mansions (2010)

Unbeatable (2010)

New My Fair Princess (2011)

Stand By Me (2011)

The Diamond's Dream (2013)

Shining Days (2013)

Hua Kai Ban Xia (2013)

Moment in Peking (2014)

Love Yunge from the Desert (2015)

Guys With Kids (2015)

Demon Girl (2016)

Sparrow (2016)

Demon Girl 2 (2016)

Special Beautiful Man (2017)

Midnight Foodstore (2017)

Detective Dee (2017)

Tribes and Empires (2017)

Art in Love (2017)

If Paris Downcast (2018)

The Great River (2018)

Insects Awaken (2019)

Billion Dollar Heir (2020)

With You (2020)

Heroes In Harm's Way (2020)

To Dear Myself (2020)







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