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Ето още един промо тийзър за концертите,които ще се проведат на 16 и 17 март

..На 13 фев. излезе информация,че са разпродадени всички 25 000 билета само за 5 минути..


Момчетата трябва да направят и своето звавръщане през април месец, като пуснат 11-я си студиен албум




Реклами за Chicken Mania





Shinhwa Broadcast е епично предаване..Досега има цели 49 епизода..Като има 4 специални (по 2 за двете момичешки групи) ..Да гостуваха им Sistar и част от момичетата на Girls' Generation

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Предаването се завръща и то не просто  с гостуването в някакво семейство ми в семейство Bang на Мир от MBLAQ..


Едни нови снимчици http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.509097599136114.1073741828.341680602544482&type=1 title="Click Me" rel="nofollow external">click-me.gif




Какви съобщение е имало на концертите за 15 годишнината им.



Eric: 15th Anniversary concert! Please give us lots of support! Fighting!!

Minwoo: 15th Anniversary Shinhwa Changjo!! Thank you ♥

Dongwan: My heart beats because of everyone! Shinhwa Changjo mansae!

Hyesung: “15th Anniversary” Shinhwa will forever run together with everyone! Thank you!!!

Junjin: Finally it’s the 15th Anniversary concert~ I’m very excited and nervous~ see you at the concert~ everyone~ ♥ keke

Andy: It’s the 15th Anniversary~! Everyone, thank you very much and please be happy~! See you at the concert!



От прескоференцията за концертите им







Kim Dong Wan said, "Last years concert was tense but this year we were able to be ourselves''

 Lee Min Woo added, "We are able to celebrate our 15th Anniversary thanks to the fans''.

Jun Jin continued, "It is thanks to our fans that we can celebrate our 15th Anniversary. Our sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue working hard towards our 20th and 25th Anniversary''.
Eric also added, ''For our 15th Anniversary Jun Jin and I will share couple bracelets. We promised for our 14th Anniversary last year that if we held a15th Anniversary we will wear it''.
Shin Hye Sung, "We are here celebrating our 15th Anniversary thanks to the love from our fans. 20 years, 30 years from now the 6 of us will still be singing and dancing on stage''.

In this years concert Shinhwa showcased their music history, since they debuted in 1998. As expected Shinhwa showcased their teamwork and passion on stage, this 1st generation idol has been together for 15 years and have never dismantled, making them a true 'legend'.

Source: My Daily
Credit: Shinhwa Nation



Тук можете хубаво да видите новите им прически 


СНимки от концертите http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507236252655582.1073741826.341680602544482&type=1 title="Click Me" rel="nofollow external">click-me.gif


СНимки от прескоференцията http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.507541492625058.1073741827.341680602544482&type=1 title="Click Me" rel="nofollow external">click-me.gif



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Търся помощ за намирането на някои от по-новите им концерти. Ако има някой, който има такъв или знае от къде да си намеря ще помоля да ми пише. :)

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Концертът им от Сеул 2012г.:





Концертът им в Пекин (фен камера е):




Концертът им в Шанхай:




Мисля, че все още го няма целия концерт от тази година, само фен камери.

Надявам се да помогнах! :)

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Meсец МАЙ е вълнуващ защото вече знаем окончателната дата за завръщането на ЛЕГЕНДИТЕ с 11 им албум







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Вчера са се навършили 8 години от соло дебюта на Shin Hyesung 






Излезе официалния трак лист


1. 그래
2.아는 남자
3. This Love (Title)
4. Scareface
5. New Me
6. 웃다가....
7. Mannequin
8. Hurricane
9. I gave you
10. 사랑 노래




Подробности за всяка една от песните:






Track 1: That’s right (Lyrics by: M Lee Minwoo, Composed by/Arranged by: Kim Dohyun)
“That’s right”, where Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo shows his talent for lyrics composition, is a Britpop song which features a dynamic rhythm and a cheerful guitar string that leaves an impression.

With Shinhwa members’ appealing vocals and rap that match well together, it is a song that refreshes you with lyrics such as “that’s right, fly up to even higher skies, carry all the dreams in the world and fly around freely as much as you please.” etc.

Track 2: Guy Who Knows (Lyrics by/Composed by/Arranged by: Ahn Youngmi)
Shinhwa’s first attempt at this genre, “Guy Who Knows” is a different kind of song where bass is not included in the melody.

Without destroying the charms of the rhythm loop, and as an experiment, it proceeds only with real voice and chorus as an experiment. Translation by malpabo tumblr com. The lyrics also expresses the pitiful love confession of a man who falls in love with an attached woman.

3. This Love [title song] (Lyrics by: Brian Kim, Composed & Arranged by: Lee McCutcheon, Andrew Jackson, James Flannigan)
This album’s title song is a present from Britain’s top music team Andrew Jackson and Lee McCuthcheon, who wrote Shinhwa’s 10th album’s title song “Venus”. “This Love” is an electronic dance song with a dreamy introduction and trendy beat, featuring lyrics by Brian Kim, who wrote Shinhwa’s 8th album’s “Once In A Lifetime”, and Lee McCuthcheon, who composed and produced this song. McCuthcheon also personally arranged this song in Britain to fit Shinhwa’s colours. It is a song completed with a sophisticated mixing that is not easily heard domestically.

4. Scarface (Lyrics by: Brian Kim, Composed & Arranged by: D30, Gavin Jones)
As an electronic hip-hop song with a strong sound, it is a song that contains the story of 6 men who hold out their hands to young females who are knocked down by life, hurt and wanting to give up on everything. Eric, Junjin and Andy’s especially intense rap provide an obvious contrast yet excellently matches with the chorus which gives a distinctive tension. You will experience the best sound ever that only Shinhwa can show.

5. New Me (Lyrics by: M Lee Minwoo, Composed by Lim Gwanguk, Andrew Choi, Arranged by: Lim Gwanguk)
If you’re someone who ever experienced love, you will empathise with this song. “New Me” is of the pop genre with an emotional melody and is a song with a sound made up of the excellent harmony between hiphop drum and acoustic instruments.

6. While Smiling… (Lyrics by: Choi Kabwon, Composed & Arranged by: Seo Jaewoo, Seo Yongbae)
A pop ballad song with drums that matches with the sweet melody. The imposing drum that appears at the start of the song matches superbly with the 6 voices of Shinhwa. It is a song different from the standard ballad, sounding more a like pop song, marking the birth of a Shinhwa-style ballad that is easy to listen to. Translation by malpabo tumblr com. The song keeps you constantly engaged as each member’s part gives off a different feeling. The arrangement was made to be as clean as possible and is a song where you can once again confirm that a singer’s voice is an instrument.

7. Mannequin (Lyrics by/Composed by/Arranged by: e. one)
An acoustic dance song that only Shinhwa can handle, seasoned by a funk groove and brass sound, the strength of this song is its musicality that cannot be felt in electronic music, yet has a soft but solid sound.
Also, with the mannequin as the concept for its lyrics, it appropriately matches the melody and is described to be a song with an atmosphere, as if you’re watching a skit.

8. Hurricane (Lyrics by: M Lee Minwoo, Composed & Arranged by: Samuel Waelmo, Robert Vadadi, Young-hu Kim)
“Hurricane” is a collaboration between Sweden’s number 1 composer Samuel Waelmo, who composed hit songs of singers worldwide, such as America’s Bon Jovi, Japan’s Arashi, etc, Robert Vadadi, and Shinhwa’s long-time music colleague, composer Kim Younghu, who worked on Shinhwa’s “I Pray 4 U”, “Just 2 be with U” etc.

With a strong electro-style beat, a melodic harmony, and a dynamic rap, as it is titled, the song feels like a hurricane. The lyrics expresses one’s honest feelings towards a lady who has fallen in love. Member Lee Minwoo participated in the lyrics.

9. I Gave You (Lyrics by: M Lee Minwoo, Composed & Arranged by: Melody9)
As a song with an acoustic guitar body hit and percussive playing style, it gives an overall comfortable feeling, and the melody of the chorus and piano accompaniment gives an even more refreshing feeling. “I Gave You” conveys the message of remembering today’s happiness and being together eternally. It is a sweet song to be used when confessing to someone you love or when a couple gets married.

10. Love Song (Lyrics by: Sijin, Composed by/Arranged by 동네형)
With a refreshing guitar sound and rhythmic feel, “Love Song” is an uptempo house song produced by 동네형, who produced Mighty Mouth’s “Tok Tok”, “Bad Boy” etc. Translation by malpabo tumblr com. It expresses the feelings of a man who has fallen in love, with a maturity unique to Shinhwa. Through this song, a lovely charm, different from Shinhwa’s usual image, can be felt.

sr: Shinhwa Company website
Translation by malpabo.tumblr.com



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Излезе тийзъра..По видеото е работил Cho Soo Hyun ( с когото са работили през 2006 по “Once in a Lifetime; той е работил и по Gangnam Style)

В клипа главна женска роля ще е Fujii Mina (която  е участвала в няколко корейски продукции и сега е жена на Хонгки от FT ISLAND в We Got Married Global)

Какво казва компанията за танца  и доколкото разбрах това ще е Vogue dance.



 “We’ll be revealing Shinhwa’s unimaginable choreography through the screen. They’ll be showing a new side that no one could have imagined, and it’ll be ‘the best choreography in history’. The Shinhwa members all practiced waiting for their turn while they were filming for the MV.”





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Става интересно на сцената. Много ми допадат как изглеждат тук. Ерик-шииииииииии, ела мииии!  :896767: Junjin и Донг Уан, също.

Дано, обаче клипът е по-различен от тийзъра и заглавието...плийз. Искам нещо по-щуричко от тях, макар и в по-строги-секси визии..

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Пуснаха и второто видео:


Както и самостоятелните снимки на Hye Sung & Dong Wan:



Харесва ми лошото им излъчване на снимките, особено на Hye.

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Aз не ги виждам,снимките затова пак ще кача на останалите 4ма ...Днес излязоха на Ерик и МИн У









Записвали са за Happy Together 3



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Страшни са! Още 20 години най-малко могат да са успешна група :)


Песента ми харесва. Клипа малко СМ-ски , но аз им се радвам можеха и без Мина да минат хахаха. Хореографията - е няма такива стойки и чупки хахахха особено Ерик не знам китките му как се гънат така хаххаха


Най ми харесват Анди и Джини как изглеждат, но те всички са хубави по-принцип и сега е така. Най се радвам че се връщат заедно с 2PM, а ако направят и някое предаване заедно цена няма да имат хахахаха

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Завръщането им днес на Mcountdown



Другата песен, която изпълниха бе 



Албума им определено е хубав...Клипа само един път го изгледах и това беше....
При Лайф какво да говорим невероятни мъже.

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Да сложим завръщанията от последните два дена


17 май от @Music Bank . Представиха  Brand New // This Love . Тъй като предаването отбелязваше 700 си излъчване 4minute изпълниха две техни песни Wild Eyes + Perfect Man


18 май от @MUSIC CORE .. Изпълнявали са и   Geurae ("Yes")  обаче песента още не е качена в официалния сайт


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Първа победа за THIS LOVE в  M COUNTDOWN

Част от тях и бяха водещи... Цялото представяне вчера от тук

Част от сцени при победата от официалния канал


Имаха лек гаф, защото отначало при номинации бяха пуснали клип, където са номинирани Cho Yong Pil, Yoo Seung Woo и  Vibe...А в края на шоуто се изправиха










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Днес спечелиха първата си награ на MUSIC CORE..




Още реакции и снимки....






Заедно с Jun.K (2pm) & Key (SHinee)






Andy & Minwoo заедно с 100% (група на ТОП ентертеймант,която е ръководена от Анди...Тeen Top също са от там)





Всички заедно 






Минwoo и Минхо (Shinee)




Lee Hyori







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