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Riki-Oh (1989-90)

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Инфо: AniDB

Тип: ОВА

Жанр: Violence

Година: 1989-90

Аудио: Японски

Субтитри: Английски и руски

Качество: DVDRip - 704x520

Линк: (data.bg) Цък


Рики О е млад мъж надарен с нечовешка сила. След като убива бос на якудза, отговорен за смъртта на приятелката му,

той се озовава в затвор с максимална сигурност собственост на частна организация.



RIKI-OH (1989-90) is a two-part Japanese anime adaptation of the manga (comic book) by Masahiko Takakumi about a superhuman young martial artist and his

adventures in a near-future Japan marked by social and political breakdown. It's a violent, gore-filled, hard-action story that owes a great deal to the ROAD WARRIOR-inspired

anime TV series "Fist of the North Star" and its feature film spin-off, both of which featured similar head-busting unarmed combat in a chaotic, lawless future.

Part 1 of RIKI-OH, "The Walls of Hell," focuses on the title character's stay in a corruption-ridden maximum security prison, while Part 2, "Children of Destruction"

follows Riki's search for his long-lost twin brother, which leads him to a remote Japanese town dominated by a well-armed religious cult.


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