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Lee Joon Gi (И Джун Ги)


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Здравейте момичета.

Големи благодарности от мен на KKatrin за новините (както винаги ни съобщава новото);

на magixq за превода на статията

на teri, rosibisi, CaRoLiNe, farfallina за хубавите снимки и интересните клипчета. Всеки нов фен е добре дошъл.:D

Статията дава отговор на въпроса: Защо харесваме Джун Ги?

Тя е напълно показателна за качествата на човека Джун Ги, защото за качествата на актьора вече сме се убедили многократно.

И наистина без снимки не може. 6096a6b56248090e.jpg


Ето как феновете го посрещат, изпращат и фотографират при всяко негово пътуване:











Приятна вечер на всички! :D

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KKatrin, снимката с красивия Шерлок Холмс е уникална. Всички клипчета, които сте пуснали ги изгледах с удоволствие.

Благодаря ви момичета. За да допринеса за приятната ви вечер ще пусна мои любими снимки.




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Добро утро хубав ден ви желая! :D

Превели са статията от януарския брой на Cosmopolitan или поне аз сега открих превода.







Cosmopolitan Jan 2010 Guy of the Month


Bragging once in a while, looking extravagrant once in a while, just going on in this relaxed manner. Looking like a young rogue. To whine when the results are poor, to regret a little when douched in the smell of dull perfume. To waver just like that, to waver unsteadily. But it’s impossible. This Heartbreaker.


You came here after toiling continuously for 3 nights?




Hey, but during Ijimae, you filmed continuously for 28 nights, now it’s only 3 continuous nights, it can’t be that difficult.

That’s right. Ha Ha.


The circumstances of early stages of the production were very difficult, right now you are still shooting episode 8 which will be broadcast on Thursday, isn’t this just too exhausting? (note that this interview was conducted when episode 7 was just about to be broadcast).


Even Iris with its big budget investment is produced this way, so this is not unusual. Sometimes, I feel that it is mysterious how it is at all possible to maintain the quality of the production when it is produced under such circumstances. At overseas meetings, there has been much public opinion and lament among fans who enjoy Korean drama about how it is quite impossible, given the poor conditions, to ensure that the quality of the production is not affected.


Originally, we will meet once every year, but suddenly, we jumped past 2009. So we have received some cute protest mails asking why there was no Lee Jun Ki in Cosmos in 2009. However, we were unable to reply because it would be very embarrassing if we were to reply that it is not because we did not want to do it but it is because Lee Jun Ki was unable to do it.


That’s right. In 2009, why did I not do an interview with Cosmos? It’s because there were many overseas activities. Later, there were other matters all rolled in. So that’s why I did not do an interview with Cosmos.


I heard that some overseas Hallyu news media had wanted you on their cover and invited you for exclusive interviews but unfortunately, you were so busy filming that you had to decline all of them? But for Cosmos exclusive interview, even after filming for 3 continuous nights, you still came straight here. Why? Is it because of Lee Jun Ki’s loyalty?


Maybe….…is this the case? Ha Ha. It is because of the trust built up from all the outstanding photography and interviews previously. Even if I had looked messy and had not slept for 3 days, I have faith that you will be able to package me well. Ha ha, in addition, fans really do like Cosmos and feel that it is an interesting magazine.


Unfortunately, I don’t make the decisions here. Has the attack strength of Lee Jun Ki’s fans diminished? The red packets that I received in 2008 almost stacked up to mountain high. So I have even prepared my resignation letter.


Really? Red packets? Wow, Bravo! Congratulations.


Wait, let me finish. The money I received was a little strange, the picture on the notes was not the King Sejong but Lee Jun Ki.


Ah. Hahahahaha


So I have not tendered my resignation, hahaha. But back to our topic, is Lee Jun Ki masochistic?



I said masochistic. Why do you allow yourself to suffer like this? Most people will straightaway use the excuse about the sheer bad luck of meeting such an opponent. If only the filming luck had been better, maybe the ratings would be over 10%, but because the opponent Iris had already won everyone’s approval, an opponent with such a great achievement is just too strong. To continue to attack even when confronted with such an opponent, where did this bravery come from?


Ah… my sense of responsibility. Even though I have said this many time before, but it is because of my sense of responsibility that even at this point in time, I continue to put in a lot of effort and I feel really sorry about this piece of work called Hero. From the moment Lee Jun Ki is selected to act in a drama, I always harbor a certain level of expectation, but because I did not manage to meet this expectation, I blame myself. Although I will not make life difficult for myself by thinking that this is 100% my fault, nevertheless because of this sense of responsibility of mine, I felt very bad. This is a fact.


But that is Lee Jun Ki. Brave, rash, which is Lee Jun Ki? But for actors who are like to be strong and win, they will not take part in such a production. But Lee Jun Ki is not like this and did not completely reject it.


Ah, from the start this has been a production that I wanted to take part in. Actually, it should have started in early 2009 but it was delayed due to various reasons and in the end it was broadcast end of 2009 and not in early 2009. So it was not possible to wait till Iris ended. Although there has been much discussions about the drama schedule, my personal plan needs to be considered too. Hero was a project that I planned for 2009. The timing and the production has nothing to do with it, it is a piece of work that I was responsible to complete in 2009. In 2010, I plan to present a totally new image to all. If I said it, I must do it. Even if it has to be done in non ideal conditions, even if it the difficulty increases because of competition from other programs broadcast at the same time, there will be no regrets and this is my decision. Even if the end result is not very popular, but if the production receives definite acknowledgement, this will be my certainty.


But it seems even this cannot be achieved. The example of “Revival” which appeared during the very popular “My name is Kim Sam Soon” could not be applied to “Hero”. Even if its rating had suffered a knock out crushing defeat “Revival” did had quite a bit of impact and was also a drama with a fulfilling storyline. A production with youth opposite fashion, it became a precious victor of that time. 6 episodes have been broadcast and it seems that Hero is a little different from the past.


I know that. I know what the fans are worried about. When the competition for ratings is very challenging, they will start looking for a reason why the production did not attract attention, I am very clear about this point. But to be unable to identify these problems can be depressing and this is something that I am clear about too. To produce a TV drama is a process combining many different key factors. Amongst these many key factors, I carry out all the responsibilities that I have in my position and this is also the part where everyone looks forward to is being produced. If it is not thought of in this way, then some problems are bound to occur. Under such circumstances, all I can do is to fulfill the portion that I am responsible for, and to perform even better in that particular key factor. When reviewing the production in its entirety, you cannot simply pinpoint one particular person to blame or to blindly do whatever according to responsibilities. It’s never about one particular person. Where I can be responsible, I put in my best efforts and this is what I should do.


The completeness of a production and it’s popularity are not proportionally linked, this is sad but it is a fact. But still, in the process, we can always try our utmost to find a solution, isn’t it? Unlike a movie where the script is finalized, this is a TV drama. Right now, is it not the situation where even the main actors do not how to proceed? A situation where one is unable to meet the scriptwriter personally and interact with them? I heard that once a TV drama production starts, there will be no interaction between the actors and scriptwriters.


Up until the start of the production, there are frequent meetings but once production starts, this is no longer possible. Only if there is some section in the storyline that really absolutely cannot be understood, otherwise you will be guilty of overstepping your area. Anyway, before the start of the production, there will be many meetings with the producer and the scriptwriters to get a good grasp of the production, however once production starts, this implies that there is already mutual trust. If actors were to express their opinions to the producer or scriptwriter, just one careless moment, it will give the impression that you are interfering. And this is considered one of the most unwelcome behaviors. And when you meet such actors, you will also feel unhappy.


Don’t you feel uncomfortable sometimes? You also hear comments directed against Jin Do Hyuk, the character played by Lee Jun Ki, and the production staff, more specifically all the various blame being directed against the scriptwriter for compressing all the strength of the drama into one leading character.


I have never felt uncomfortable because of a particular character. But there will be some parts that I am concerned about. The roles of all characters, including my character and the supporting characters, give the whole drama quite a fair bit of flexibility but there are many criticism towards areas that are lacking, so I do feel concerned. Just like any ordinary person, I confidently put in my best efforts in my work, but still occasionally there are times that I feel discouraged. But I will not be affected by it. To maximize the liveliness of on- location atmosphere, it is because of this that I have been working hard. If I am always vexed by the areas that are lacking, then this will only negatively impact myself and the production. In any case, I have to continue with the production and since I cannot give up halfway, why not just continue with it happily?


Great. With this kind of thinking, will it influence which areas that you would want to develop?


It’s like me conditioning myself psychologically. I have always felt this way, like I am hypnotizing myself. This is not far fetched, you know that as long as I have the interest, I will continue working. If I want to look for an interesting area then I should not be bound by various norms. Just count on be very proficient in getting very good ratings. If I work with this type of mentality, then I would have achieved nothing. I want to use the name Lee Jun Ki to fully immerse into my roles and characters. Still there will be times when the results are not satisfactory. Then, does this means I should stop, I should give up? No. From within it, I want to continue to pursue what I really like, what really interests me. In a situation where it is very difficult to lift up the results, it is more so that one should happily be fully immersed and look for new interests. Remove the current situation, feel even the smallest details, look for new interests. From certain angles, it seems that there is nothing interesting about the current situation. Lee Jun Ki’s ability to rally his supporters and his ratings, the public assessment and fans’ thinking, none of these is not insignificant. But I do not want that method to evaluate my potential. Rather, to use each and every new production like a personal test to broaden my potential. How broad I believe my potential to be is how broad my capability will be after I am 30.


Perhaps must be the sympathy that is shared by reporters towards Hero. Lee Jun Ki being fully and sincerely on-location. But when a drama only reached a rating of 4%, it is very common for internet based media to give it negative lead story coverage. Although the words “wailing wall” (refers to Jerusalem Wailing Wall in Israel) have appeared, nevertheless, most of the discussions are still leaning towards Lee Jun Ki. A drama with such a low rating was not even reported by the media with some provocative and colourful headlines as anyone would have imagined. This is really amazing. This must be the reporters thanking Lee Jun Ki! If not for the 4% rating, this is something that cannot be verified. Ha ha.


Ha ha. Yes. I was also a little shocked. Surprisingly there were not many negative reports caused by the ratings. I also do not know which part resulted in the resonance. I may be a little hasty here, but if it has been discussed then there must be some truth. The sense of responsibility, if you can really feel the intimate and ignorant level of the sense of responsibility, then you could only fully immerse in it. No matter what, the experience possessed by the reporters is even much more than mine, isn’t it? To be able to make these professionals accept and approve, if there is this desire to have such a challenging objective, then to me, this is success. On one hand, there is a feeling of gratitude, on the other hand, there is also a feeling that I did alright. This is something that I would not dare to imagine even 3 years ago. (if this was in the past), there would have definitely have been much more negative opinion. Ah, it will be a headache ANTI all the way ah. Ha Ha. But recently, the situation has changed somewhat. And instead, it is this interview that brought up topics that seem to be negative? Ha Ha. At this point in time, can we talk about something good? Hi Hi. Why is there no discussion of this type? At all times I adopt a very sincere attitude, and no matter how difficult is the situation, I am the type who derive joy in constantly striving hard to influence others' feelings. In fact, I frequently have this feeling. So I do feel enriched and satisfied. Ha Ha.


Since we are on this topic, let talk a bit more about those things that are lacking. Ah hahaha. If we are going to criticize the attitude of today’s society, to metaphorically criticize the landscape of this piece of land, then we should thoroughly and fully expose all and attack. Just like “People’s market”. Chen Do Hyuk will be the character Zhang Cong Can. Still, Chen Do Hyuk is no an ordinary person like Zhang Cong Can. Although he had failed numerous time in the public exams, just like the Hong Zhi Tong personality of that generation, Zhang Cong Can had great martial skills, and is a person who is capable of easily catching pickpockets and gamblers. But Chen Do Hyuk cannot even beat a girl in the shooting game play, and does not even understand the HTML coding required to set up a homepage. He is just a busybody isn’t he?


Ah, to me this person is also a little pitiful. In fact, from the start that was how I felt about the character Chen Do Hyuk. Have given a lot of thought about totally transforming this character. Have also discussed the point that you have just raised. But still decided to let this character fumble around a little and in the process of gradual transformation, it may be possible to slowly get close to other special characteristics of the personality.


With this view, 6 episodes have been broadcast and the transformation of this character did not cause any anyone to be uneasy or perplexed, but if you really want to pin it down, then really it is regretful in this aspect. Wanted to do better in this part, but unfortunately was not able to fulfil this desire.


It was the same with the emotions of Actress Yu Su Yi who played the role of policewoman Joo Jae In. Although Zhang Con Can was in a similar situation, although he is a little ignorant and incompetent, but he was very good at falling in love. A character who is able to lead at all times. This character relied on comedy but using well seasoned techniques, he succeeded in attracting female reporter “Wu Do Hai”. But Chen Do Hyuk does not even possess this ability. With nil experience in love, all he could do was to get injured for no good reason! Hence, in “People’s Market” there is also a huge difference between Zong Cang Can’s story and Chen Do Hyuk/Joo Jae In’s story. But the confrontation between these 2 characters is somewhat similar.



Really nothing desirable about it. A character with totally no strong points and going through all sorts of experience, showing how he transform through soul searching, a drama that can show this process, if Hero had been able present more of this, then this is something worth looking forward to.


Through experiencing various tests, the character of Chen Di Hyuk will unknowingly emerge and reveal his hidden abilities. Around the 3rd or 4th episode? Or maybe 5th episode? No matter what, although there parts where I feel regret, it will get very interesting when there is development further and gradually becomes faster.


Do you feel that it was a pity? Ha Ha. Maybe it’s because there were some comments that the storyline is slow, episode 6 was like the finale where all the mysteries were solved. But it seems that it was a little too exciting yet there was not much tension. To Chen Di Hyuk, this was the most important moment that he must resolve, yet the process of discovering his parents real murderer was brushed over quickly. To solve this important riddle, it was to bring just one subordinate to the riverside, whether it is the problematic Zhao Long De or Konng Zhi who answered all questions without hestitation, it was all the same, isn’t this really PK?


Yes. This part is a little unsatisfactory. The scriptwriter may have seen this too. This is probably to due to the delay in grasping into the main storyline, ah…. Anyway we are always talking about matters related to the scriptwriter, and it is awkward for me to talk about this.


To ask the actors about all the problems relating to the production team is really a little awkward. But isn’t it because it is Lee Jun Ki who is seated in front of me. Ha Ha. Between this character Chen Do Hyuk and yourself, there is a huge difference isn’t it? To not be gifted like a genius, yet to mature for an extraordinary hero, doesn’t this feel a little alien for you?


This……. there may be some changes. To be closer to the lives of ordinary citizens, to gather strength from within and hence causing this character to gradually transform. The main reason could be that the transformation of this character was not sufficiently meticulous. But we cannot enter an author’s thinking and intention. Because you are not in that position, you cannot interfere. Even now, the authors are entangled by many problems.


Is this a phobia towards being arrogant?


If we talk about phobias, it is not about the phobia towards arrogant criticism, but it is the phobia of bringing about undesired outcomes. It has nothing to do with whether your original intentions were good or bad, but if you disagree with some aspects of the production team, it will instead cause even more undesired outcomes. Because just one word can affect the cohesiveness of the entire team, this can bring about discord, so one must always be cautious. This is the position of actors.


And not like what people would think, possessing everything. Sparkling and shinning.


Yes. Even towards productions that I am not involved with, when I watch other’s perform from the position of an audience, I only remember that other actor’s most outstanding representative work. If the ratings is comparatively low, it is difficult to retain in memory a production that did not cause much reaction. But productions that were ignored by the masses and productions that were successful, they all have to invest a lot of hardship and hard work. No, in fact, they need to invest even more hardship and hard work. I am also like that under the same circumstances. Typically, the extent of what most of people understand from my previous work may not be even half of reality. They may say “Did Lee Jun Ki also shoot such a work?” But it is precisely the kind of work that is deemed somewhat unfulfilling by the masses that may instead give actors even more. In any case, it is because of the passion and devotion to achieve even more through any means. Not because of the need for everyone to know. Just that I do not want people’s assessment to be solely based on what they see, this is something that I feel difficult about. Right now, what I have learnt is precisely about how to confront predicaments. As though to absorb all the nutrients just so that I can enrich myself.


After learning so much and yet being unable to concretely express it in words. So shall we focus on the areas that are convenient to talk about?


Before I immersed into filming, in early 2009 I accepted an interview with the media. At that time, I was asked about how my work always rewarded me with double wins of popularity and good reviews and whether as a result, I will develop a fear that I will mess up my next piece of work and feel uneasy. This was how I replied. I really would like to experience a messed up production.


Hey, ha ha ha, you punk.


Ah ha ha ha. Right. After taking part in such a production, what I will learn will be even more. Just a few days ago, I suddenly recalled the contents of the interview and at that moment I could feel that my face was flushed. Why, I actually had such an arrogant thought. All the while, I was determined to remain modest, yet somewhere in some corner of my heart, I actually have such an arrogant thought. I really feel ashame. But after a some deep thought, maybe somewhere in some corner of my heart, I do indeed have some feeling of unease. As all my previous works received good review and results, I feel uneasy that perhaps I may be unable to accept situations that are unbearable. And I have now thoroughly experience this point. That’s why I can feel happy when on-location. Although I do not know what the ending is like, but what I am sure is that up until the very last moment when it ends, I will gain a lot. On the contrary, because there are areas that are not unsatisfactory, I will develop more expectations towards these particulars areas. This will let me feel happy. Someday when I am pass 30, these difficult experiences will definitely become a treasure that I tap into. This feeling of expectation will also let me feel happy.


This can’t also be Lee Jun Ki plans? Even when on vacations constantly drawing up a plan. Isn’t this the Lee Jun KI who is every moment conceiving each year’s plans?


Ha ha ha. Planning, this is the part where I have no methods at all. Nevertheless, when I look back sometimes I can’t help but shiver. I don’t know whether it is because that I had unconsciously felt something and after that rashly enter into the midst of this competition. Now recalling the interview and what I said during the press conference, I feel that maybe it was really that way. Under the same circumstances, when I immerse into a production, I would have some kind of strategy. And in the end, the production will be every successful. At the start of the press conference, there will be talk about the high expectations. But with Hero, it was a little different. This time, at the press conference, I felt very calm and on the other hand I seem to feel that it would not create be too much reaction. So, is this a mentality that holds some expectation of a foresight that it will start from a low point? It was a kind of calm where you really completely cannot see the ambition. Just like someone with nothing to lose, setting off with such a detached mentality, It’s really a little strange. Could it be that I had already unknowingly and unconsciously forseen this? Ha Ha.


Credits: Korean to Chinese translation by www.tieba.baidu

Chinese to English translation by Friendship2009@LeeJun Ki-Singapore.com


Доста дълга е, затова превод мога да направя събота или неделя, освен ако някой не изявява желание по-рано!



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Добро утро и от мен! И слънчев ден / от към усмивки / момичета




Браво teri

ще чакаме превода с нетърпение / ние с Маги се зарихме в превода на HERO и едва ли ще сме от полза скоро ;) /

П.П. Всъщност статията е жестока :cheers: и разкрива още веднъж по неоспорим начин що за характер има Джун Ги и професионалното му отношение към работата. Определено той не е звезда за един ден или просто защото е модерен в момента...има толкова много причини, които го правят това, което наистина е!!! Не случайно, въпреки очакванията за успеха на HERO, въпреки ниския рейтинг, това бе драмата, която предизвика толкова много коментари и реакции в пресата / обяснимо нали /, да не говорим за популярността на Джун, която вместо да бъде засегната, нарасна още. Но стига за сега, че се отплеснах...

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Благодаря ви за снимките и клиповете момичета

Специални благодарности на teri за статията

За съжаление Катето е права, че нямаме време за превод...

И аз ще очаквам превода с нетърпение, благодаря ти още веднъж teri

Аз я попрегледах и е наистина страхотна

Още едно доказателство за това защо сме тук всички - определено не само

заради красивото му лице

Весел ден от мен



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Добре дошла flor! :D

Излезе и втората част от интервюто в януарския брой на Cosmopolitan 2010!

Нямам думи, супер интересно е и почти толкова дълго.


This is part 2 of the article in Cosmopolitan 2010


Q: Seems like the areas that we should avoid talking about are getting smaller. Ha Ha. I have one impression from Hero and that is about adjusting to an actor with a particular style like Baek Yin Zhi. Actually, the previous role models of Lee Jun Ki were extraordinary people with a very special face and there were concerns whether the collaboration with an actor with a style like Baek Yin Zhi will cause uneasiness. However, after seeing both persons in action, there was absolutely no feeling of unease. To exaggerate a little, it’s just like the adjustment to “Kuo Ni” and “Ping Jing Chang” in “Swindler”. The feeling of closeness with both characters are totally different and this has continued to be so from the past.


A: Actually, this is the part of the production which I am most ambitious about. The relationship between characters. As what you have mentioned, once his target has been identified, the character that I play is one who will pursue it to the end. For me, this instance is also a refinement of how I, acting in this role, would be able to assimilate with a character with such diverse personality. The one thing that I get most excited talking about is this; acting together with my seniors is a blessing. After I start being immersed into a production, the one thing that I expend all my mind and energy on is the study of the characters in the drama. It is very difficult to say that based on just my hard work alone, everything can be completely understood. However, from Baek Yin Zhi senior to Zhu Zhen Mo senior, I really expended a lot of thought towards understanding how these outstanding seniors portrayed their characters and which is why, in the end, we were able to have a good collaboration.


Q: It is indeed a very good collaboration. It is really rare to be able to have Baek Yin Zhi, Zhu Zhen Mo, Lee Han Wei including the well established Zhang Yin Nan who has participated in every work directed by Zhang Zhen and many other outstanding actors all in one production. It is regrettable that this point could not be brought out to the fullest and the audience also felt that this was a pity.


A: Yes. Not even half of their outstanding skills were fully brought out, this is the point that one is most sorry about. These are really the seniors whom I had always longed to work with from previously, in the end we did come together like this, but yet we were unable to perfect it. On the contrary, it seems that a lot of it was dissipated, really very regrettable. At that time, there were invitations from many other productions for senior Baek Zhi Yin,. He could have considered all the various aspects before he made his selection. Even now, Senior Baek Zhi Yin is filming the drama “Prosperous Apartment” and another movie at the same time. But although he already had a very busy and exhausting schedule, in the end he still decided to accept the invitation to act in Hero. This was the last character in the drama to be confirmed.


Q. Under such circumstances, why did he decide to choose this production? Is it because of the passion of Lee Jun Ki?


A: Teacher (ref to Senior Baek) probably don’t know this, would he? Because when the production sent out the invitations, I was determined not to let the seniors know that it was my opinion. When selecting the actors, it is best for the lead actor to try their best not to be too involved and this saying is right. Otherwise it is very easy to cause misunderstanding. Anway, when we first met, I really asked a lot of questions non stop. Ha Ha. From the first day we met, we kept going on and on about wanting to drink like mad together. Teacher has really taken part in so many productions. Having taken part in so many productions, he has such in-depth experience. With what kind of young persons did he experience what type of romance with, I kept asking all these questions about all the things that I could not have possibly experienced during Teacher’s era.


Q: Did you ask about anything which may appear ordinary, but after it was interpreted by Baek Zhi Yin, it became an impressive line from the script?


A: Hey, such a topic cannot be broached from the start. Must start from Teacher’s work experiences from his younger days. And from there by asking slowly, step by step, the conversation topics will develop naturally. If I were to be too eager to ask questions, then on the contrary, he will be uncomfortable to reveal too much.


Q. Certainly much better then Chen Do Hyuk. No, even better then me. Ha Ha. You can become a reporter. Why don’t you do this interview? Ha Ha.


A: Ha Ha. Aren’t we this way now? Not some brash interview, but a comfortable conversation. Under such circumstances, the person asking the questions will feel that it is more interesting and the person answering the questions will feel relaxed. The questioner must keep it interesting at all times so that he can steer the conversation to even more refreshing areas. So my drinking sessions with Teacher are really very interesting. Because he is a senior who had experienced our country’s cultural revival in the 80’s, I kept becoming increasingly curious just listening to his narration. It was really meaningful. They are memories that will be recalled endlessly. Ha Ha. It is not about listening to others’ experiences, but it is for my personal purposes to solve some the problems that I come across when I am acting. And I really learnt a lot in this aspect. Although I cannot quantify it, but I am certain that this has a huge impact on my previously set thinking. The viewers and fans seem to be very clear about this point. So there was talk that to be able to mature better, Lee Jun Ki should be with the seniors. So although it was clearly childish, I kept following them from behind, as if it would be good even if I were to be able to learn just a little. The seniors seem to like it and hence they helped me and guided me a lot. Usually, during shooting if you just concentrate on your part when you are with the other actors, it will be alright. But it is totally opposite on-location with Hero. This instance is very good. Not only just happily and patiently accepting the various versions of my acting skills, instead even putting my performance to test, really feel very good about it. I hope to do this even better and more frequently in the future.


Q: It is comforting to hear this, and it does give one hope, doesn’t it? Do you really have extraordinary debating skills? Ha Ha. Really hope that the character Chen Do Hyuk can have more explosive strength, if we want it like that, we need an indispensible although childish catchphrase for the character. Just like in “People’s Market” Zhang Cong Can’s catchphrase was “It’s because I am Zhang Cong Can”, even in “Public Enemy” Zhang Zhe Zhong also had this phrase “ I am Zhang Zhe Zong from Serious Crime Dept,Jiang Dong police station”, this will give the character more theatrics, won’t it? If we add in something like this, it will be more fluent just reading it, how about we simply let this character have a more concrete catchphrase?


A: Ha! There is this one. “I am Chen Do Hyuk. The Chen Do Hyuk who, like a XXX (type of dog), will not let go once it bites! Don’t you already know that!” or some line similar to this. The scriptwriters also have the same idea as you and added such lines that define the character. Later, more will be written on this area. When hearing it for the first time, it does seem a little childish, but just like you said, this is also indispensable. What I just said and what the papers are looking forward to is very courteous. In order to make some changes, the scriptwriters have also considered all angles and possibilities. Although it is not possible to change the entire composition of the drama in one breath, it will become more substantial and interesting. So I am looking forward to the script for the next episode. This is where it gets interesting.


Q: Although we keep saying that there are many interesting areas, it appears more like forcing oneself not to be hurt under the current dire circumstances. Yet, it is not like that. And you would also want to tell those people who are surprised by Lee Jun Ki’s choice of production that it is not like that. By comparison, as Lee Jun Ki has productions of the highest level, he has a greater tendency to choose works that are more challenging, works that can seek out more interesting flavours. Most actors will hope that they are able to collaborate with a most outstanding director like Feng Jun Hao or with a production which possibly may make it to film festivals like Cannes, a piece of work that is almost certain to be accepted. But Lee Jun Ki is not concerned about what he already has but rather what he can create and how to go about the process of the creation.


A: That’s right. Many people have told me to work with very reputable directors and actors “Ah, Lee Jun Ki, you must work with a well known director. And next time, you should only work with well established authors and productions.” I have really heard this so many times. But if it is this way, it will waste a lot of time. Because you have to wait. And this really does not suit my personality. Now there is not even enough time to hope to continue non stop, to rest for a few months just to wait for a production, for a few years? I am unable to do that. Whether it is a first time director or a well experienced director, to me, this is not important. It’s fine as long as I can find from within what I want.


In any case, besides me, all the remaining key factors in the production are the same. What is important is the whole process of immersion and creation. This is more attractive to me. To do something that is already basically created, some sure guaranteed product, then that is not being an actor, but just being a star, and that is not a path that a star actor should take. No matter how it is said, it is just the same as being wasteful.


Q: Even if you are unwilling, even if it is being wasteful, shouldn’t you at least relax a little and enjoy.


A: I don’t know. Sometimes I would think, if it is that way, I would be a lot more comfortable. Just choosing productions that are already very certain and well accepted by people means that the risk of failure will be very low, simply finish this production and then just wait around for the next production, rest for like one to two years to recharge, this should be really comfortable. Those around me also feel that this is pitiful and has criticized me. Telling me to stop trying to do the impossible. Ha Ha. But still, no matter which way you look at it, isn’t this also some kind of insurance. Because the burden of developing danger in a sure guaranteed production is very small. But this insurance, it is OK even if I don’t have it now. But I am also not saying that I do not want my production to achieve this level of insurance. Ha ha.


Q: But if there are many failures, this can easily become a habit.


A: I understand this point. That is why I have other plans. If two pieces of work fail consecutively, I will also change. Ha Ha. However, this is method that all actors will follow. No, that's not right. To survive, it is the method that must be followed. Success and failure will constantly take turns. But while I may be concerned about this, I will still propose different kinds of programs. If I am unable to understand even after suffering continuous defeats and still have the tendency to continue just on my own accord, then I have to tell myself to learn to stop. And that is why my team still have quite high expectations. Expectations of what Lee Jun Ki is going to select as his next production. Ha Ha.


Q: But when will we get to see Lee Jun Ki act in an arousing love story?


A: In every interview, I am sure to be asked this question.


Q: That’s why we are not talking about same sex arousing love story.


A. Ah ha ha. Although there is nothing I would not do if it is required by the script, but just to be more honest, this is also a part of my plans. Ha Ha. How should I say this, a man who acts in an arousing love story when he is in his 30’s is more convincing. The time when I start to emit the scent of a mature man I will give everyone a breakthrough performance; this is the part that I am very ambitious about.


Q: What type of movie do you want to work with? You have never once given a definite answer.

A: At all times, I want to act in something compatible with my age, if it is not compatible with my age it would not be possible. Now I am still in my 20’s, so I really would like to act in a movie that will display the charm of this age group. Just like the movie by ?? (sounds like Brother Peter) or that played by James Dean, a piece of work where you can successfully show off your personal charm. Have also wondered before what it would be like to film something like “The city of evening lights”.


Q: Vampire, isn’t that very suitable for you? Ha Ha.


A: Hmmm, even though I really want to try it, I really cannot imagine how this will turn out in Korea. In all the movies with vampires, isn’t the image always that of a white person with a deadly white complexion. Ha Ha.


Q: Don’t you feel lonely? Even if you are not extremely lonely, surely it must have affected you. Jang Dong Gun and Ko Soyoung.. ah, really. Ha Ha.


A: Ha Ha. Actually, I did think about it. But I don’t even have any scandal, right? There is a reason for all this. If you see me on actual location, you will know why I am isolated from scandals. It’s because I am too much like the production staff. Even if I am collaborating with female artistes, in the end, it will only be a brother and sister type of relationship. I would even say “Is it because there is something lacking with our love affair portrayal? How about let’s start some scandal?” This could be something totally to do with me only.


Q: So look’s like you are not lonely.


A: Ai yo, this also means that I have admitted so quickly to this topic. Hmmm, not lonely. Ha Ha. Occasionally there will be this “Ah, maybe I should also fall in love” thought, but once I reach the film site, I totally forget about this. Just straightaway immerse into it.


Q: That’s why I will always think about this. What type of girl would be more suitable to be together with Lee Jun Ki? Firstly, she must at least be intelligent and outstanding, and sufficiently sexy. And also must be sufficiently pure and considerate. Seems like the Shen Shi Jing would be more suitable? Ha Ha.


A: Ha. Excellent. But doesn’t she already have a boyfriend?


Q: Are you trying to avoid this topic? Ha Ha.


A: Honestly, I would also like to fall in love with an actress just once. To be able to win everyone’s love, isn’t that precisely the greatest attraction they have? To be able to fall in love with someone with that attraction, ai yo, of course that will be great. Maybe that day will be here soon? Ha Ha. But human’s emotion is unpredictable. It may just happen at some unknown moment. It is something that you won’t know when it will appear, maybe it might just appear today. So there is no need to be anxious about it. The opportunity is bound to come. So just allow nature to take it’s course and wait for it with this attitude.


Q: I hope you do not get nightmares now.


A: Dreams? None. In my dreams, there is always a conflict with someone. I dreamt that after going to Shanghai, I was supposed to have a public performance and in the end not a single preparation was made. And it was just 5 minutes before the public performance. So I got mad until I almost went crazy. So much so that I had an unhappy conflict with someone. Ha Ha. The unhappy feelings that I was not able to keep suppressed in my heart made me shout out loud. In the end, I woke up from my dream.


Q: We are almost at the end. Although I feel sorry about this, but actually what I want to say is that I am quite happy that “Hero” was not very successful.


A: Ah hahaha. Why?


Q: Popularity can burst just like a bubble and this is something you have previously foreseen. That “Fly Daddy fly” will not be successful is also what you have thought of beforehand. Really want to know what a Lee Jun Ki, who has suffered a failure which he did not foreseen, would be like.


A: Why not say you want to see from zero, from starting from the lowest point? Even so, my answer will still be the same. All the while, I have gone through it this way. I have my pride towards myself. I want to, no matter at which point in time and in whatever circumstances, not to sway, to persevere and continuously strive my best and present to everyone.


Q: That’s it. That’s why I want to see a Lee Jun Ki who has thoroughly been shaken. To be in the midst of a totally unimaginable terrible situation, completely being shaken, how an absolutely misconstrued Lee Jun Ki would be like, really very curious. That very moment when you exploded in your anger, I am really curious.


A: Hmmm… is not that there is no impact, except that Lee Jun Ki who is being shaken…....this seems like something that I have never thought of before? But, now that I think about it, I also feel very curious. Ah! Now then, if this can be considered an opportunity we should be able grasp it? Ha Ha.



Comments of the reporter

Mr Lee Jun Ki who always turns the interview into a confusing battle, you are really one unpredictable guy. This situation which goes out of control no matter how hard one tries to control it really has nothing to do with the ability to make it difficult for someone to control. It’s just like when playing a inter-planetary game, you arrive in space only to find that your opponent is already fully prepared beforehand and is able to respond to any situation easily and skillfully, and when you land on dry land, the armor and army suddenly and unexpectedly appear and once again, you are dragged into a confusing battle. Every year when I conduct the interview with Lee Jun Ki, this is exactly how I feel. Every time, it will become very disorderly, every time it is something that is beyond expectation. Yet, every time I will feel moved. Even this feeling is something that cannot be forseen or predicted. Thanks to this interview, once again I am able to meet with Xu En Zhu, Nan Shun, Li Shan Xi and other stylists, hairstylist as well as other staff and once again I hear team leader manager Quan Jin Shui's charming voice. Ah, did he convey my thanks to Lee Kun Ki? The dazzling rays of light which emerged from the backlight that settled on your shoulder is really very beautiful.


“Yes! Sleep! Deep Sleep! The sleep from the few days is becoming more and more insufficient, You asked who was that? Ah! The amiable Lee Jun Ki!” – stylist Xu En Zhu


Credit: Korean to Chinese translation by teiba.baidu.

Chinese to English translation by Friendship2009@LeeJunKi-Singapore.com


Превод ще направя, след като приключа с първата част ;)





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Добро утро на всички!

след като прочетох втората част на статията за Cosmopolitan 2010 се сетих за някои неща ... и като по поръчка открих нещо в нета

наистина би било интересно да видим Джун Ги в по-страстна любовна сцена / секс сцена /; Не като да не е показвал на какво е способен, но все пак ... всъщност може би той е прав, че с възрастта и зрелостта ще бъде по-успешен един негов опит в тази насока

ето едно любопитно доказателство:



как да се забравят тези сцени

/липсваше ми нещо подобно в HERO, който ми беше малко посен от към целувки, а започна толкова обещаващо... /

а тъй като не може без снимки - няколко на тема - Джун Ги и жените




тази снимка, мен лично винаги ме хвърля в особен размисъл :rofl:


и една много любима на Джун жена -






познах те я, нали




а тази снимка е свързана с един много обичан от мен филм, който има и сантиментална стойност за мен - 18 Май



и специални поздрави към групичката от Стара Загора, teri и за теб

жалко, че не беше с нас вчера :(


и още нещо, което обещах - 1724091977822597mofpfhi.gif


/ от това, което разбрах, идеите - Джун да изиграе вампирска роля или нещо свързано с кръв, явно са доста разпространени из нет-пространството, след като се дискутира за тях...дали пък да ни си погледна сценария по-задълбочено :?: /

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Вероятно сте го гледали, защото е от декември 2008, но пък клипа е забавно направен ...за повече настроение в пeтъчната вечер!



Кате, мерси за поздравите и аз съжалявам, че не бях с вас. :( Следващият път дано успея.:)

Същото като теб си мислех, след прочитането на втората част от интервюто.

Една снимка, която много ми харесва






:lol!: Щом сме на тема сценарии, вижте на какъв специален сценарий попаднах ето ТУК !!! Позабавлявайте се и сами!

Вярно е, че човек едно търси, а съвсем друго намира!

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И аз да се включа с благодарностите към teri, Маги и Катето за преводите на интервютата и статиите!!!


ми и на мен ми се иска в по-страстни сцени да го видя Джун, на мен все пак ми са любими тъжните и любовните филми.. Вампирски, честно да си призная, не ми се гледат, но и като вампир ще го възприема..:D


Относно любимата жена - малко ми се струва пораснала и се е разхубавила..:D


И от мен малко снимки, че не мога да се включа напоследък..




За Катето нещо специално ..



И още една..



Поздрави и усмивки!!!

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Новите снимки са супер готини! Мерси, Кате

Ето и обещания превод, с малко закъснение :)



Покорител на женски сърца


Космополитън Януари 2010 Момче на месеца

Хвалейки се рядко, изглеждайки екстравагантно от време на време, като млад дявол, просто държейки се по своя специален начин. Да хленчи, когато резултатите са лоши, да съжалява, когато го обливат с аромата на евтин парфюм. Да проявява нерешителност, да се чувства несигурен. Това е невъзможно. Този е покорител на женски сърца.


Въпрос (В):Вие идвате на интервю след непрекъсната работа от три нощи?


Отговор (О):Да.


В:По времето на "Илджиме", снимахте без прекъсване двадесет и осем денонощия, сега сте работили непрекъснато само три нощи, не може да е било толкова трудно.


О:Така е. Ха ха.

В:Обстоятелствата покрай ранните етапи на продукцията бяха много трудни, сега вече снимате осми епизод, който ще бъде излъчен в четвъртък, не е ли доста изтощително? (бележка: това интервю беше проведено, когато седми епизод току що беше излъчен).

О:Редом с „Iris” и неговата високобюджетна инвестиция, това не е необичайно. Понякога мисля, че е мистерия как въпреки всичко е възможно да се поддържа качество на продукцията, когато се прави при такива обстоятелства. На срещите в чужбина, имаше много изказвания от феновете, които харесват Корейската драма и те смятат, че е невъзможно при тези неблагоприятни условия, да не се повлияе качеството на продукцията.

В:По принцип се срещаме веднъж на всяка година, но прескочихме миналата 2009 г. Затова получихме някои мили протестни писма, в които се питаше защо И Джун Ги го няма в списание Космос през 2009 г. Би било твърде неудобно, ако бяхме отговорили, че не е защото не сме искали, а защото И Джун Ги не е могъл.


О:Правилно. Защо през 2009 г. нямах интервю с Космос? Защото имах много участия в чужбина. После се натрупаха други проекти. Ето защо нямах интервю с Космос.

В:Чух, че някои чуждестранни Hallyu медии ви искат за кориците си и ви канят за ексклузивни интервюта, но за съжаление вие сте твърде зает със снимките и сте отклонили всички предложения. Но за ексклузивното интервю на Космос, въпреки непрекъснатото снимане в продължение на три нощи, вие все пак дойдохте направо при нас. Защо? Заради лоялността на И Джун Ги?


О:Може би…така ли е? Ха ха. Това е така, защото доверието е изградено от всички изключителни фотографии и интервюта досега. Дори и да не изглеждам добре и да не съм спал от три дни, вярвам, че ще ме представите добре. Ха ха, в допълнение, феновете наистина харесват Космос и считам, че това е интересно списание.

В:За съжаление, не съм участвал в това. Дали силната атака от феновете на И Джун Ги е отслабнала? Червените пакети, които получих през 2008 г. се натрупаха на огромни купчини. Дори си бях приготвил молбата за напускане.


О:Наистина? Червени пакети? Уау, браво! Поздравления.

В:Чакайте, нека да довърша. Парите, които получих бяха малко странни, картината на банкнотата не беше на крал Sejong, а на И Джун Ги.


О:А, ха ха ха.


В:И така, не си подадох оставката, ха ха ха. Но да се върнем на темата, мазохист ли е И Джун Ги?




В:Казах мазохист. Защо допускате да страдате така? Повечето хора ще си намерят веднага извинение да отбягнат лошия късмет от срещата с такъв опонент. Ако само късмета ви беше по-добър, може би рейтингите биха били над 10%, но заради опонента „Iris”, който вече беше спечелил всеобщото одобрение, противник с толкова висок рейтинг е прекалено силен. Да продължите да се борите изправен срещу такъв опонент, откъде идва тази смелост?


О:Ах…моето чувство на отговорност. Въпреки, че съм го казвал много пъти преди, това е поради моето чувство на отговорност, и точно сега аз продължавам да влагам големи усилия и да се чувствам действително тъжен за свършената работа в „Hero”. От момента, в който И Джун Ги бъде избран да участва в драма, винаги имам определено ниво на очаквания, но понеже не успявам да удовлетворя тези очаквания, обвинявам себе си. Макар че, не си усложнявам живота излишно с мисълта, че това е 100% моя грешка, въпреки всичко поради собственото ми чувство на отговорност, се чувствам зле. Това е факт.


В:Това е И Джун Ги. Смел, безразсъден, какъв е И Джун Ги? Актьори, които искат да са на върха и да печелят, не биха взели участие в подобна продукция. Но И Джун Ги не е като тях и не отхвърли напълно предложението.


О:Ах, от самото начало това беше продукция, в която исках да участвам. Всъщност, тя трябваше да започне в началото на 2009 г., но закъсня поради ред причини и накрая стартира в края на 2009 г. Затова беше невъзможно да чакаме до приключването на „Iris”. Въпреки че, имаше много преговори относно плана на драмата, моите лични планове също трябваше да се вземат под внимание. „Hero” беше проект, който планирах за 2009 г. Намирането на най-точния момент и продукцията нямаха общо с това. Беше работа, която бях отговорен да приключа през 2009 г. За 2010 г. планирам да представя напълно нов имидж на всички. Както се казва, трябва да го направя. Независимо от това, че условията не бяха идеални, независимо от това, че трудността се увеличи заради състезанието с продукциите на други телевизионни програми по същото време, нямам никакви съжаления и това е мое решение. Въпреки че, крайния резултат не е добър, ако сериала получи определено признание, това ще е победа.

В:Изглежда това не може да се постигне? Примерът на “Revival”, който се появи по време на много популярния “My name is Kim Sam Soon”, не би могъл да бъде приложен към “Hero”. Дори и неговия рейтинг пострада “Revival” имаше отзвук и също беше драма със задоволителна история. Продукция с младежки различна мода, тя се превърна в ценен победител навремето. Шест епизода са излъчени и изглежда “Hero” малко се различава от миналото.


О:Зная това. Знам, че феновете се тревожат. Когато състезанието за рейтинги е такова предизвикателство, те ще започнат да търсят причина защо продукцията не привлича внимание, напълно наясно съм с това. ….Да поставиш телевизионна драма е процес, който комбинира много различни ключови фактори. Измежду тези много ключови фактори, аз изпълнявам всичките си задължения, които имам от моята позиция на актьор и това също е част, която всеки очаква с нетърпение да бъде показана. При такива обстоятелства, всичко което мога да направя е да оправдая доверието и да се представя дори по-добре в този момент. Когато разглеждате продукцията общо, вие не можете да определите точно една отделна личност и да я държите отговорна за неуспеха. Никога не е виновен отделен човек. За което съм отговорен лично, влагам най-доброто усилие и това е.

В:Целостта на една продукция и нейната популярност не са пропорционално свързани. Тъжно, но е факт. Но все пак, по време на снимачния процес, може да се намери ново решение, нали? За разлика от филм, където сценария е окончателен, това е телевизионна драма. Сега, не е ли подобна ситуация, когато дори главните актьори не знаят как продължава? Или е невъзможно да срещнеш сценариста лично и да работите заедно? Чувал съм, че веднъж стартирала телевизионната драма, няма контакт между актьори и сценаристи.


О:Още в самото начало, имаше чести срещи, но веднъж стартирали снимките, това не беше повече възможно. Само ако има някои места в сюжета, които абсолютно не могат да се разберат, в противен случай вие ще сте виновен за прекрачване на допустимите граници на вашата област. Във всеки случай, преди започване на продукцията, имаше много разговори с продуцента и сценаристите, за да добием добро разбиране на драмата. Но веднъж стартирали снимките, това означава, че вече е изградено взаимно доверие. Ако актьорите бяха изказали своите мнения на продуцента или сценаристите, само един лекомислен момент и ще си помислят, че се месите. А това се счита за едно от най-неприятните поведения. И когато срещнете такъв актьор, ще ви е неприятно.


В:Не се ли чувствате некомфортно понякога? Чухте коментари насочени срещу Jin Do Hyuk, ролята изиграна от И Джун Ги и срещу продуцентския екип, по-специално различни обвинения срещу сценаристите, затова че са изразили цялата сила на драмата в един водещ образ.


О:Никога не съм се чувствал неудобно, заради дадена роля. Но тук има някои неща, за които съм загрижен. Ролята на всички герои, включително и моята и на поддържащите актьори дават на цялата драма пълнота, но има много критики за недостиг на някои места, затова се чувствам засегнат. Точно като обикновен човек влагам големи усилия в работата си, но се случва от време на време да има моменти, в които се чувствам обезсърчен. Не се влияя от това. Ако винаги споря за нещата, които липсват, тогава това ще има единствено негативно влияние върху мен и продукцията. Във всеки случай, аз продължавам със снимките и понеже не мога да се откажа по средата, защо поне не продължа щастлив?

В:Страхотно. С този начин на мислене, кои други области ви се иска да развиете?


О:Тренирам се психически. Винаги се чувствам така, сякаш сам си вярвам. Това далеч не е номер, вие знаете, че докато имам полза, ще продължа да работя. Ако искам да се оглеждам за интересни заглавия, не би трябвало да се обвързвам с различни условия. Само ще разчитам на специалистите в получаването на добри рейтинги. Но ако работя с такъв тип нагласа, тогава не бих постигнал нищо. Искам да използвам името И Джун Ги за пълно развитие на актьорските си умения. Въпреки че, ще има моменти, в които резултатите няма да са задоволителни. Тогава това означава ли, че трябва да спра или да се откажа? Не. Искам да продължа да преследвам това, което наистина харесвам и което истински ме интересува. В положение, когато е много трудно да се подобрят резултатите, човек още повече трябва да се чувства щастлив в ролята си и да търси нови предизвикателства. Абстрахирайте се от сегашната ситуация, усетете дори малките детайли, потърсете нови предизвикателства. От определен ъгъл, изглежда сякаш няма нищо интересно около това. Способността на И Джун Ги да обединява своите поддръжници, да получава рейтинги, обществената оценка и подкрепа от феновете, нищо от това не е маловажно. Но аз не искам да използвам този метод да оценям своя потенциал. Достатъчно е да използвам всички нови продукции като личен тест и да подобрявам актьорските си умения. Вярвам, че колкото повече се развивам сега, толкова по-добре ще се справям след 30-те си години.


В:Вероятно има симпатия, която се споделя от репортерите относно „Hero”. И Джун Ги е напълно отдаден в ролята си на снимачната площадка. Но когато драмата постига само рейтинг от 4%, тогава е обичайно интернет базираните медии да дадат негативни отзиви. Въпреки че, думите „стена на плача”(отнася се за Йерусалимската стена на плача в Израел) се появяват, все пак част от дискусиите навеждат към И Джун Ги. Можете ли да си представите, драма с толкова нисък рейтинг дори нямаше да бъде спомената от медиите. А те пишат за „Hero” с толкова предизвикателни и ярки заглавия. Наистина е забележително. Това трябва да е благодарността на репортерите към И Джун Ки. Ако не е за рейтинга от 4%, тогава е нещо, което не може да бъде проверено. Ха ха.


О:Ха ха. Да. Аз също бях малко шокиран. Изненадващо нямаше много отрицателни отзиви заради ниските рейтинги. Не зная кое доведе до такъв отклик. Може би малко прибързвам, но ако се говори така, тогава трябва да има известна доза истина. Чувството на отговорност, ако вие можете наистина да почувствате личното си чувство на отговорност, тогава бихте могли напълно да разчитате на него. Опитът, придобит от журналистите е много повече от моя, нали? За да получа тези професионални одобрения и признания, за мен това е успех. От една страна, изпитвам чувство на признателност, а от друга - усещането, че се справям добре. Това е нещо, което не съм се осмелявал дори да си представя преди три години. Ако се беше случило в миналото, щеше да има много повече негативни мнения. Ах, щеше да е огромна неприятност. Ха ха. Но сега ситуацията е доста различна. Мисля си, това интервю дали ще доведе до негативни заглавия? Ха ха. Може ли да говорим за нещо хубаво. Защо няма подобни въпроси? През цялото време съм искрен, без значение колко е трудна ситуацията. Аз съм човек, който извлича удоволствие в постоянния силен стремеж да въздействам върху чувствата на хората. Всъщност, често изпитвам радост и удоволствие. Затова се чувствам богат и удовлетворен. Ха ха.


В:Докато сме на тази тема, нека поговорим малко повече за тези неща, които липсват. Ах ха ха ха. Ако започнем да критикуваме отношението на днешното общество, тогава трябва подробно и пълно да разобличим всичко. Точно като в “People’s market”, Jin Do Hyuk ще бъде в ролята на Zhang Cong Can. Все пак, Jin Do Hyuk не е обикновен човек като Zhang Cong Can. Въпреки че, той се е провалил на много изпити, точно като Hong Zhi Tong - знаменитост на поколението, Zhang Cong Can има добри бойни умения и е личност, която е способна лесно да залови джебчиите и играчите. А Jin Do Hyuk не може дори да победи момиче на игра по стрелба и не може да разбере HTML кода, нужен за направа на собствена страница в интернет. Той е само интригант, нали?


О:Ах, за мен този човек е достоен за съжаление. Всъщност, от началото така чувствах характера на Jin Do Hyuk. Изоставих много мисли за пълна трансформация на този герой. Също разговаряхме и по въпроса, който току що отбелязахте. Но накрая се реши, Jin Do Hyuk да се остави донякъде непохватен и в процеса на постепенна промяна, можеше да стане възможно бавно да се разкрият други специфични черти на характера.

С това намерение вече са излъчени шест епизода и развитието на героя не е причинило на никой несигурност или озадаченост, но ако искате да установите точно кой е написал това, съжалявам. Искам да се подобри тази част, но за жалост не беше възможно да се изпълни това желание.


В:Същото е с чувствата на актрисата Yun So Yi, която играе в ролята на полицайка Joo Jae In. Въпреки че, Zhang Con Can беше в подобна ситуация, макар и малко невеж и некомпетентен, той беше много добър във влюбването. Неговият герой разчиташе на комедията, но ползвайки пикантни техники, той успя в привличането на журналистката “Wu Do Hai”. А Jin Do Hyuk дори няма тази способност. С нула опит в любовта, всичко което можеше да направи беше да бъде нараняван без добра причина. В “People’s Market” имаше огромна разлика между историята на Zong Cang Can и тази на Jin Do Hyuk/Joo Jae In. Но сблъсъка между тези два характера е до известна степен еднакъв.


О:Наистина е така. Герой с не толкова силни страни, преминал през всякакви видове преживявания, разкривайки как се променя чрез душевни търсения и драма, която показва този процес. Ако „Hero” е успял до момента да представи повече, тогава е драма, която си струва очакването.


Чрез различните преживявания, героят на Jin Do Hyuk ще се развие и ще разкрие своите скрити способности. Около 3-ти или 4-тия епизод? Или може би 5-тия епизод? Без значение кога. Ще се получи много интересно с последващото развитие на характера.


В:Не чувствате ли, че това е жалко? Ха-ха. Може би е така, защото имаше коментари, че сюжетът е бавен. Шести епизод беше като финал, в който всички тайни бяха разкрити. Но изглежда, че не е толкова вълнуващо, все още няма много напрежение. За Jin Do Hyuk, това беше най-важният момент, който трябваше да разкрие, а процесът но откриването на истинския убиец на родителите му беше прекалено бързо показан. За решаването на тази важна загадка, достатъчно беше да се говори с един второстепенен герой на брега на реката, независимо дали е съмнителния Zhao Long De или Cong Zhi, който отговори на всички въпроси без колебание, все едно. Не е ли това наистина РК?


О:Да. Тази част е малко незадоволителна. Сценаристът може също да го е забелязал. Вероятно се дължи на трудност в разбирането на основната сюжетна линия, ах .... Във всеки случай говорим само по въпроси, свързани с сценаристите, а това не ми е приятно.


В:Да се питат актьорите за всички проблеми, свързани с екипа на продукцията наистина е малко неудобно. Но не е, защото И Джун Ги е седнал срещу мен. Ха-ха. Между героя ви Jin Do Hyuk и вас има огромна разлика, нали? Той не е способен по природа, нито е готов да бъде изключителен герой, не е ли доста чуждо за вас?


О:Да ... .... може би ще настъпят някои промени. Ще бъде по-близо до живота на обикновените граждани, ще събере вътрешна сила и постепенно Jin Do Hyuk ще претърпи промяна. Основната причина може да бъде, че промяната на този характер не е достатъчно точна. Но ние не може да знаем мисленето и намеренията на автора. Не може да се намесваме. Дори и сега, сценаристите имат затруднения.

В:Имате ли фобия към критика?


О:Ако говорим за фобии, това не е фобия към критика, а страх, че може да се получат нежелани резултати. И няма нищо общо с първоначалните намерения - дали са добри или лоши. Ако не сте съгласни с някои решения на екипа, това ще предизвика още по-нежелани резултати. Защото само една дума може да се отрази на сплотеността на целия екип и да доведе до разногласия, така че човек трябва винаги да бъде предпазлив. Такава е позицията на актьорите.

В: Не е както си мислят хората, че притежавате всичко и виждат само сиянието и блясъка?


О: Да. Когато гледам продукции, в които не участвам, а от позицията на зрител, запомням само най-доброто изпълнение на актьора. Ако рейтинга е слаб, е трудно да се запомни. Но продукции, които са незабелязани от масовата публика и тези, на които е обърнато внимание влагат едни и същи усилия в работата си и дори повече. И аз съм в същата позиция в момента. Обикновено хората не разбират и половината от това, което ми дава дадена работа. Те си мислят: „Дали И Джун Ги би участвал в това?” Но за мен няма значение, че даден проект не е масов - той може да даде на актьора много повече. Във всеки случай страстта и отдадеността са тези, които определят всичко. Не желанието да се види от всички. Не искам оценката на хората да се основава само на това, което виждат и това е, което ме притеснява. В момента урока, който научих е как да се изправям срещу трудностите. Също както се поемат жизненоважни вещества и това ме обогатява.


В:Нека се фокусираме върху областите, за които ви е удобно да говорим?


О:Преди да започнат снимките, в началото на 2009 г., имах интервю с медиите. Тогава бях запитан защо работата ми винаги се възнаграждава с двойна победа - популярност и добри отзиви, както и дали в резултат на това ще развия страх какво ще се случи, ако се обърка следващия ми проект. Дали ще съм разтревожен. Ето какво отговорих. Наистина бих искал да изпитам подобно нещо.

В:Хей, ха ха, вие сте непукист ?


О: А ха ха ха. Правилно. Ако участвам в такава продукция, това, което ще науча ще бъде много. Само преди няколко дни, изведнъж си припомних точно това интервю и в този момент почувствах, че лицето ми пламна. Защо наистина съм имал такива надменни мисли? През цялото време искам да съм скромен, но някъде в някое кътче на сърцето ми, действително имам такива високомерни мисли. Наистина ме е срам. След дълбок размисъл установих, че може би някъде, в някой ъгъл на сърцето ми, има и чувство на безпокойство. След като всички мои предишни продукции получиха добри отзиви и резултати, се чувствах притеснен, че може би няма да мога да приема трудностите. И сега получавам добър урок в тази посока. Ето защо съм щастлив на снимачната площадка. Въпреки, че не знам какво ще стане до края. Това, в което съм сигурен е, че до последния момент, когато снимките приключат, ще спечеля много. И понеже има области, от които не съм доволен, ще ги развия повече от очакваното. Това ще ме направи щастлив. Някой ден, когато съм преминавал 30-те си години, този натрупан опит определено ще се превърне в източник на богатство. Чувството на надежда ме прави щастлив.

В:Това не може да са планове на И Джун Ги? Дори когато е в отпуска, постоянно прави планове. Не е ли това И Джун Ги, който във всеки момент чертае планове за всяка година?


О: Ха ха ха. Планиране, това е нещо, в което изобщо нямам система. Дали защото, когато подсъзнателно почувствам нещо, след това се втурвам в разгара на състезанието. Въпреки това, когато погледна назад, понякога изтръпвам. Припомняйки си интервюто и какво казах по време на пресконференцията, чувствам, че може би наистина e така. При същите обстоятелства, когато започна снимки, би трябвало да имам някаква стратегия. И в крайна сметка, продукцията ще има успех във всяко отношение. В началото на пресконференцията се говори за високите очаквания. Но с „Hеro” беше малко различно. Този път, по време на пресконференцията се чувствах много спокойно, а от друга страна изглежда съм усещал, че няма да има много добри реакции. Дали умът е, който спира някои предвиждания, че ще започнем с нисък резултат? Вид спокойствие, сякаш съвсем нямаш амбиция. Чувстваш се също като някой, който няма какво да губи, започвайки с непредубеден ум, наистина е малко странно. Възможно ли е, вече неволно и несъзнателно да съм предвиждал случващото се? Ха ха.

Credits: Korean to Chinese translation by www.tieba.baidu

Chinese to English translation by Friendship2009@LeeJun Ki-Singapore.com

превод на български:teri




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Благодаря ти и аз

за интервюто и чудесния превод

И на Катето за новите снимки

Хубав ден от мен с няколко снимки от

февруарското издание на списание Brokore









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благодаря за превода на интервюто!!! Много ми харесаха отговорите!!! Както винаги Джун Ги е истински и искрен и аз затова съм още по-впечатлена - защото не поставя на първо място рейтингите и известността.. Снимките също ми харесаха. Благодаря, момичета!!!

Златни сте!

Хубава вечер!


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Мерси за снимките и клиповете на всички!

Ето още две приятни сравнително нови клипчета. Първото е много кратко, но готино..



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