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Mai Warit Sirisantana

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Mai Warit Sirisantana



Име: Warit Sirisantana วฤษฏิ์ ศิริสันธนะ

Прякор: Mai
Професия: актьор

Дата на раждане: 24 Септември, 1990

Място на раждане: Bangkok, Thailand
Зодия: Дева

Ръст: 180 см
Образование: Kasetsart Engineering University






Mae Pia Due with Marie Broenner (Ch.3 2013)
Pooh Dee E Sarn 2013 with Prim Prima Bhunjaroeun (Ch.3 2013)
with Namcha Cheranut Yusanonda (Ch.3 2014)
Look Tard with Eye Kamolned Ruengsri (Ch.3 2014)
Patiharn Ruk Karn Kob Fah with Mew Laknara Piatha (Ch.3 2015)
Thephabutra Sud Waeha (Ch.3 2015)
Bussaba Rae Fun with Margie Rasri Balenciaga (Ch.3 2016)
Rain of Love (2016) with Caroline Rosendahl (Ch.3 2016)
Waves of Life (Ch.3 2017) cameo
Petch Klang Fai with Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn (Ch.3 2017)
Evil Love (2017) with Natalie Panalee Varunwongse (CH.3 2017)
Nuay Lub Salub Love with Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong (Ch.3 2019)
Kaew Klang Dong (2019) with Oom Eisaya Hosuwan (Ch.3 2019)
Prophecy of Love (2020) with Kamonchanok Rodsatien (Benz) (Ch.3 2020)
Job - Wife (2020) with Prang Kannarun (Ch.3 2020)
The Necessary Wife (2021) with Rinrada Kaewbuasai (Ch.3 2021)
Club Friday Love Seasons Celebration (OneHD 2022)
Husband in Disguise (2022) with Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon (Amarin TV 2022)
Poot Mae Nam Khong 2022 with Oom Eisaya Hosuwan (Ch.3 Upcoming)



Интересни факти:


^*^ Роден на една и съща дата с Nune Woranuch 24 Септември , но 10 години по-късно

^*^ Актьорският му дебют е в Mae Pia Due през 2013 г. с Marie Broenner

^*^ След като договорът му с Thai TV3 изтече в началото на 2021 г., Май стана свободен агент



















Уникален образ! :icon_sunny: 

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