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Youn Yuh Jung (Юн Йо Джонг)


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Име: Youn Yuh Jung / 윤여정

Дата на раждане: 19 юни 1947 година

Място на раждане: Кесонг, провинция Кьонгги

Професия: актриса

Дебют: 1966 година

Семейно положение: разведена, с две деца; през 1974 година се омъжва за певеца Cho Young Nam, спира с актьорството и емигрира в САЩ; завръща се в Корея през 1985 година, развежда се и подновява актьорската си кариера. 

Любопитно: През 2021 г. става първата корейска актриса с "Оскар". Признанието тя получава в категория "Най-добра поддържаща женска роля" за участието ѝ във филма Minari.



Pachinko (Apple TV+, 2022)

Never Twice (MBC, 2019-2020)

Dear My Friends (tvN, 2016) BG-ES

Producer (KBS2, 2015) BG-ES - епизоди 1 и 2

Wonderful Days (KBS2, 2014)

The Queen's Classroom (MBC, 2013)

The King 2hearts (MBC, 2012) BG-ES

My Husband Got a Family (KBS2, 2012)

Can You Hear My Heart (MBC, 2011) BG

Home Sweet Home (MBC, 2010)

Golden Fish (MBC, 2010)

No Limit (MBC, 2009)

The Road Home (KBS, 2009)

Worlds Within... (KBS2, 2008) BG

Chun Ja's Happy Events (MBC, 2008)

The Daughters-in-Law (KBS2, 2007-2008)

To My Love (SBS, 2007)

Foxy Lady! (MBC, 2006) BG

Hearts of Nineteen (KBS, 2006-2007)

Love Truly (MBC, 2006)

A Farewell to Sorrow (KBS2, 2005)

Be Strong, Geum Soon! (MBC, 2005)

Love and Sympathy (SBS, 2005)

Ireland (MBC, 2004) BG

War of the Roses (MBC, 2003)

Million Roses (KBS, 2003)

Over the Green Fields (KBS2, 2003)

Ruler of Your Own World (MBC, 2002)

My Love (KBS2, 2002)

Soon Ja (SBS, 2001)

Stock Flower (KBS, 2001)

Hotelier (MBC, 2001)

Tough Guy's Love (KBS, 2000)

Did We Really Love? (MBC, 1999)

Crush (KBS2, 1998)

How Is Your Husband? (SBS, 1993)

What is Love (MBC, 1991)

Sleepless Tree (MBC, 1989)


ТВ филми

Dal Joong's Cinderella (KBS2, 2003)



Dog Days (2022)

Heaven: To the Land of Happiness (2021)

Minari (2020)

Lucky Chan Sil (2020)

Beasts Clawing At Straws (2020) BG-ES

Keys To The Heart (2018) BG-ES

The Bacchus Lady (2016)

Canola (2016) BG-ES

Right Now, Wrong Then (2016) BG-ES

Intimate Enemies (2015)

Salute D'Amour (2015) BG-ES

Hill of Freedom (2014)

Boomerang Family (2013)

Behind the Camera (2013)

The Taste of Money (2012)

In Another Country (2012)

Hindsight (2011) BG

The Housemaid (2010)

HaHaHa (2009)

The Actresses (2009)

A Tale Of Legendary Libido (2008) BG-ES

Hwang Jin Yi (2007) BG

The Old Garden (2007)

Maundy Thursday (2006)

The President's Last Bang (2005)

Springtime (2004)

A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003)

An Experience Worth Dying for (1990)

Be a Wicked Woman (1990)

Woman Requiem | Mother (1985)

Love and Hatred (1973)

The Insect Woman (1972)

Fire Woman (1970)





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2021 (93rd) Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Minari)

2021 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Minari)

2021 British Academy Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Minari)

2012 KBS Drama Awards: Excellent Actress (drama) (My Husband Got a Family)

2010 (47th) Daejong Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (The Housemaid)

2010 (8th) Korean Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (The Housemaid)

2010 (31st) Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (The Housemaid)

2010 (12th) Cinemanila International Film Festival: Best Actress ( The Housemaid )

2011 (5th) Asian Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress (The Housemaid)


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Tя е едно от лицата на "KOREAN ACTORS 200" :panda-145:

Чрез кампанията се представени 200 актьори, които са настоящето и бъдещето на корейските филми пред световната филмова индустрия.

Фотосесия и зад кадър:



Youn Yuhjung | The Actor is Present | 윤여정


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Youn Yuh Jung е включена в тазгодишния списък на списание "TIME" за "100 - те най - влиятелни личности през 2021 година"; нейният кратък портрет е написан от STEVEN YEUN, който изигра ролята на Jacob Yi във филма "Minari"; статията е част от секция "TITANS" на прочутия списък.




"Youn Yuh Jung Makes TIME’s List Of 100 Most Influential People Of 2021"




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