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Kyung Soo Jin (Кьонг Су Джин)

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ИмеKyung Soo Jin / Gyeong Su Jin / 경수진

Дата на раждане: 5 декември 1987 г.

 ☼ Място на раждане: Инчон

 ☼ Височина: 164 см

Зодия: Стрелец

Професия: Актриса

☼  Образование: Namseoul University

АгенцияYG Entertainment (2018 - )





Mouse (tvN / 2021) - Choi Hong-Joo

Hush (JTBC / 2020-2021) - Oh Soo-Yeon

Train (OCN, 2020) - Han Seo Kyung

Joseon Survival (TV Chosun, 2019) - Lee Hye Jin

Untouchable (JTBC, 2017-2018) - Yoon Jung Hye

Meloholic (OCN, 2017) - Han Ye Ri / Han Joo Ri

Entourage (tvN, 2016) - Photographer Seung Yoo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (MBC, 2016-2017) - Song Shi Ho

House of Bluebird (KBS2, 2015) - Kang Young Joo

Plus Nine Boys (tvN, 2014) - Ma Se Young

Secret Affair / Secret Love Affair (JTBC, 2014) - Park Da Mi

TV Novel: Eunhui (KBS2, 2013-2014) - Kim Eun Hui

Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus / Shark (KBS2, 2013) - Jo Hae Woo (young)

That Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS, 2013) - Moon Hee Joo

Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012-2013) - Prince Sohyun's wife (cameo)

Man From the Equator / The Equator Man (KBS2, 2012) - Han Ji Won (teen)

New Tales of Gisaeng (SBS, 2011)



Unfinished (2018)

The Vanished (2018)

The King’s Case Note (2017)

Horror Stories III (2016)

Mourning Grave (2014)

Holly (2013)

Male Instruction Manual / How to Use Guys with Secret Tips (2013)


☼ Телевизия /Web драми/ Tв филми:

Drama Stage: Like a Dog, Like a Beggar, Beautiful | Gaegatda Geojigatda Areumdabda (tvN, 2019) - Yoo Rim

Ugly Cake (MBC, 2012) - Oh Ah Young

Drama Special: A Still Picture (KBS2, 2012) - Eun Soo (young)


Видеоклипове с нейно участие:

SECHSKIES - Be Well (2017)

Brown Eyed Soul - You (2013)

Hong Dae Kwang - Far Away (2013)

Eye To Eye - Like a Man 2011)

Soul Star - Right Now (2011)

Jung Yup  - Flowing Tears (2011)


☼ Награди:

2014 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards: Best New Actress (Television) (Plus Nine Boys)

2013 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Shark, Eun Hee)

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