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Име:Vachirawit Chivaaree //วชิรวิชญ์ ชีวอารี

Познат като: Bright

Дата на раждане: 27 декември 1997 г.

Родно място: Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand

 ☼ Височина: 183

Зодия:  Козирог

Професия: Актьор, Модел, Певец, Водещ

☼  Образование:  Университет Bangkok

Агенция: GGMTV

Instagram: @bbrightvc 



Toй е с Тайски, Китайски и Американски корени.




In Time With You (PPTV, 2020) - Nick

2Gether The Series (GMM 25, 2020) - Sarawat

My Ambulance (GMM One, 2019) - Peng (young)

Korn Aroon Ja Roong (GMM 25, 2019) - Anotai

Yuttakarn Prab Nang Marn (GMM 25, 2018)  - Tuanote

Love Songs Love Series: Gor Koey Sunya (GMM 25, 2018) - Ken

Love Songs Love Series: Ja Ruk Reu Ja Rai (GMM 25, 2018) - Ter

Social Death Vote (Channel 3, 2018) - Day

Roop Thong (GMM 25, 2018) - Ekkarat

Love Songs Love Series: Rao Lae Nai (GMM 25, 2018) - Bright

I Sea U (True4U, 2018) - Peter

Karma  (2014) -  Tao

The Beginning (2013) -  Bright



☼ Телевизия/Web драми/ Tв филми/ Special:




Love Say Hey (2016)


☼ Предавания:

 Play2gether (2020) -  Host

Talk with Toey  (2020)   Episode 13

   Toelaew (Growing Up)  (2019)   Main Host

 School Rangers (2018)     Episode 112-113

Strawberry Krubcake (2013)   -   Main Host


Видеоклипове // Видеоклипове с негово участие:


Thank you my Silent Heroes #Bright #Win #Ada #TogetherSpecial (2020)

Tok Long Chan Kid Pai Eng Chai Mai (ตกลงฉันคิดไปเองใช่ไหม) Vachirawit Chiva-aree (Bright) Sarawat OST. 2gether: The Series

Khan Ku (คั่นกู)  - Vachirawit Chivaaree (Bright) - 2gether: The Series Ending theme (2020)
Tit Kap (ติดกับ) - Max Natthawut Jenmana Sarawat - 2gether: The Series Opening theme (2020)

Kon Derm (คนเดิม) - Napassorn Phuthornjai (New)

Your Story - PAAM (2019)

Raung Hai Kon Diow (ร้องไห้คนเดียว) Muzu (2018)

Ao Mai (เอามั้ย) - Numchok Tanud-rum (Singto) & Popetorn Soonthornyanakij (Two) (2018)

Pi Sat (ปีศาจ) - Natthawut Jenmana (Max)

Gawt Mai Dai (กอดไม่ได้) Bedroom Audio Official music video (2013)



☼ Дискография:


ตกลงฉันคิดไปเองใช่ไหม / Dtok Long Chun Kit Bpai Eng Chai (So, It Is All In My Head, Right?) -  2Gether The Series (2020)

คั่นกู (Kan Goo) -   2Gether The Series (2020)


Thank you my Silent Heroes #Bright #Win #Ada #TogetherSpecial (2020)


През 2019 става известен в сериала My Ambulance  .

След сериала 2Gether The Series(2020) година става изключително популярен и търсен.

В него си партнира с Win Metawin . В момента казват, че са станали много близки приятели и че той е един от хора, който го познава най - добре.

Двойката им се казва BRIGHTWIN


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With A Smile - Bright Vachirawit (Performance Video) | The Official Themesong of “Still2gether PH”


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