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Zhu Ya Wen (Джу Я Уън)

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朱亚文 / Zhu Ya Wen / Джу Я Уън


Професия: Актьор

Дата на раждане: 21 април 1984 г.  

Родно място: Yancheng, провинция Дзянсу, Китай

Височина: 180 см

Тегло: 67 кг.

Зодия: телец

Китайски зодиак: тигър

Агенция:Easy Entertainment

Обучение: Beijing Film Academy (2002-2006)

Език: Мандарин

Семеен статус:съпруга Shen Jia Ni, дъщеря

Дебют:2002г. в драмата Sunshine and the Monsoon (阳光雨季 )

2006г става известен с  драмата Pathfinding to the Northeast,  за която получава наградите  Златен Орел за най-добър сериал и  Flying Apsaras Award 


Baidu Baike






A Love Never Lost (2021)

The Investigator (2021)

Together (2020)

The Lion's Secret (2020)

Zai Yi Qi (2020)

Kidnapping Game (2020)

Empress of the Ming (2019)

Partners (2018)

Across the Ocean to See You (2017)

City Still Believe in Love (2016)

Happy Mitan (2016, cameo)

Two Families (2016)

Swan Dive For Love (2015)

Say No For Youth (2015)

Red Sorghum (2014)

Di Huo 地火 (2014)

The Story of Zheng Yang Gate (2013)

The Blood Brothers 铁血兄弟 (2013)

Nos Annees Francaises (2012)

My Natasha (2012)

Far Away The Eagle (2011)

Love in the Vast Land 爱在苍茫大地 (2010)

Shi Wei Shu Ji Ri Ji 市委书记日记 (2010)

The Ultimate Master of War (2009)

Memories of the Golden Flame (2009)

Great Northern Wilderness 情系北大荒 (2009)

Army Stories in Highland 高地 (2009)

Hao Men Jin Zhi 豪门金枝 (2008)

Chuang Guan Dong (2008)

Xue Liu Li 雪琉璃 (2007)

Step Brothers 非亲兄弟 (2007)

Yang Guang Yu Ji 阳光雨季 (2005)

Winter Passing 走过冬季 (2004)



The Captain (2019)

Welcome to the Beartown (2019)

The Poet (2018)

The Founding of an Army (2017)

When Larry Met Mary (2016)

The Witness (2015)

Bride Wars (2015)

The Golden Era (2014)

Mystery (2011)

You Are My Brother (2010)

A Revolutionist and His Mother (2007)



2019 17th Golden Phoenix Awards: Society Award (The Founding of an Army)

2016 19th Huading Awards: Best Actor (Contemporary Drama) - Swan Dive For Love

2016 3rd Asia Rainbow TV Awards: Best Actor (Modern Drama) - Red Sorghum

2011 14th Shanghai International Film Festival: Asian New Talent Award









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