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Hao Lei (Хао Лей)

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郝蕾 / Hao Lei /Хао Лей 

Английско име: 

Известна като:蕾蕾 / Lei Lei (Лей Лей)

Професия: Актриса, 

Дата на раждане:1 ноември 1978 г.  


Родно място: Тунхуа, Дзилин , Китай

Височина: 168 см

Тегло: 54 кг

Зодия: скорпион

Китайски зодиак


Образование: Shanghai Theatre Academy

Език: Мандарин 

Семеен статус: съпруг Li Guangjie (m. 2007; div. 2009), Liu Ye (m. 2013)

Дебют:  1997 г.в  сериала Seventeen no cry

Baidu Baike






 Jue Jing Zhu Jian  (2020)

Royal Nirvana (2019)

The Starter Wife (2016)

I Am Your Eyes (2016)

The Courtyard (2015)

My Elder Brother & My Sister-in-Law (2015)

The Magical Detective (2012)

Dad I Was Pregnant with Your Child (2010)

Notice of Missing Person (2010)

Sister Brides (2010)

 Men and Legends  精武飛鴻 (2007)

Zhu Family Garden 朱家花園  (2007)

 Secret Order 1949 (2006)

Liu Bowen /The Amazing Strategist Liu Bowen 神機妙算劉伯溫 (TTV, 2006)

The Tao Can Be Spoken 道可道 (2006)

Drunken Master Zhang San  as Cai Lian (2006)

 Sound of Colors   (CTS, 2006)

The Olive Tree in My Life 我生命中的橄榄树 (2005)

Fireworks in March / Misty Love in the Palace  (2005)

Sisters 姐妹 (2005)

The Execution of Chen Shimei 新鍘美案 (2004) 

 The Young Emperor / The Young Son of Heaven 少年天子 (2003)

 The Young Wong Fei Hung  少年黃飛鴻(2002)

 Brotherhood   有情有义  (2002)

Fat Cat Finding Families 肥猫寻亲记 (2001)

Appointment in Youth 相约青春(2001)

Scholar Tofu 秀才豆腐(2001)

The Beauty and the Drug 红颜烈药 (2001)

 Home    缘来一家人   (2000)

The Brink 绝路 (2000)

Don't Cry Seventeen (十七岁不哭) as Yang Yu Ling (1998)

Waiting for You 等你 (1997)







Li Na: My Life (2020)

Spring Tide (2019)

Miracles of the Namiya General Store (2017)

Shining Moment (2017)

Kill Time (2016)

One Night Only (2015)

MBA Partners (2015)

The Last Women Standing (2015)

The Golden Era (2014)

Dearest (2014)

Mystery (2012)

Love in the Buff (2012)

The Man Behind the Courtyard House (2011)

Love You 10000 Years (2010)

The Fourth Portrait (2010)

Empire of Silver (2009)

Cry Me a River (2008)

Mr An! Happy birthday (2008)

Summer Palace (2006)

The Story of First Love / 初恋的故事 (2001)











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