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Wang Xun /王迅/ Уан Сюн

Професия: Актьор,сценарис, режисьор

Дата на раждане:27 ноември 1974 г.  

Родно място: Ухоу, провинция СъчуанКитай

Височина:178 см

Тегло:78 кг.

Зодия: стрелец

Китайски зодиак



Език: Мандарин

Етничност: хан

Семейно положение: 


Baidu Baike






The Train Life (2020)

Leafy Flowers (2020)

Alley Celebrity (2019)

Hot Love /New Fortress Besieged(2019)

The Island (2018)

Memories of Love (2018)

Midnight Food Store (2017)

I Go North for My Children (2015)

Fight to the End 2 (2015)

Fire Guys (2015)

Wang Dahua's Revolutionary Career (2014)

Wonder Lady (2014)

The Red (2014)

Diors Man 2 (2013)

Ten Escort Red Army (2013)

Enneagram (2013)

Kite (2013)

A Walk to Happiness (2013)

North Shanghai 1950 (2013)

Fire Line, Three Brothers (2012)

Belly Dad (2012)

Exiting Gate (2012)

The Good Fellas (2012)

Militia Ge Erdang /民兵葛二蛋(2011)

Village People (2009)

My Commander My Group (2009)

City of Memories /记忆之城

 Plot Against /暗算 (2005)

Female Special Police (2000




River of Fury (2019)

The Long Bright Dark (2019)

The Last Judgement (2019)

Liberation (2019)

Jump Out of Primitive Tribe (2019)

Bye! Mr. Wang (2019)

The Big Shot (2019)

Useless Dad (2019)

Some Like It Hot 2 (2019)

A Fantastic Encounter (2019)

Desire Game (2019)

Soul Redemption (2018)

Damn The Way / 悬崖(2018)

The Island (2018)

Detective Chinatown 2 (2018)

Inverse Growth/ 逆生·致亲爱的小孩 (2017)

Kill Me Please /这就是命 (2017)

Where Is the Diamond (2017)

What a Wonderful Family (2017)

Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017)

Northeast Past (2017)

You'd Better Run /你往哪里跑  (2017)

Some Like It Hot (2016)

So Luckly /杠上开花(2016)

Mr. Nian (2016)

Go Fighting! (2016)

Youth Never Returns (2015)

Lost in Hong Kong (2015)

Love War /情战 (2014)

Mr. Lucky (2014)

A Stupid Journey/ 江湖论剑实录 (2014)

People Searching Story of Cola Lee (2014)

The Suspicious (2014)

Redemption (2013)

Lemon (2013)

Diors Man 2 / 屌丝男士2  (2013)(късометражен)

The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel (2013)

101st Marriage Proposal (2013) 

2B Youth's Sober Life/ 2B青年的不醉人生 (2012) (късометражен)

Heavy Rain (2012) (късометражен)

I Love Wolffy /我爱灰太狼 (2012)

Design of Death (2012)

 Special Services /特殊服务 (2012) (късометражен)

One Carat Dream (2012)

Lao Yao's Beijing (2012)

People Moutain, People Sea/ 人山人海 (2011)

The Door with Dad's Love/当爸爸来敲门 (2011)

 Under the Influence /戒烟不戒酒 (2011)

Fight Till The End/ 川军团血战到底 (2011)

 Love Tactics/爱情36计  (2010)

Wind Under the Wings (2010)

Da You Cun Bright Future (2009)

One Night in Supermarket/ 夜·店  (2009)

Silver Medalist /疯狂的赛车(2009)

Two Stupid Eggs /大电影2.0(2007)

Big Movie大电影 (2007)

Chemical Reaction /化学反应 (2007)

Soul of the Ultimate Nation /奇迹世界 (2007)

Crazy Stone / 疯狂的石头 (2006)







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