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Rachel Mao Xiao Тong (Рейчъл Мао Сяо Тун)

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Rachel Mao Xiao Тong / 毛晓彤 /Рейчъл Мао Сяо Тун


Английско име: Rachel Мао Momo/Рейчъл Мао (Момо)

Професия: Актриса 

Дата на раждане:16 февруари 1988 г.  


Родно място: Тиендзин , Китай

Височина: 163 см

Тегло: 45 кг.

Зодия: водолей

Китайски зодиак: дракон

АгенцияMao Xiaoying Studio

Образование: Central Academy of Drama

Език: Мандарин


Baidu Baike







Nothing But Thirty (2020) as Zhong Xiaoqin

The Lost Tomb Reboot (2020) as Wang Haotian

Magical Legend (2020) as Hu Yong'er

The Fated General (2020) as Wu Cai

Who's Not Rebellious Youth (2019) as Tang Shi

My Robot Boyfriend (2019) as Jiang Mengyan

Delicious Destiny (2017) as Song Jiaming

Be With You (2017) as Yao Yao

The Princess Weiyoung (2016) as Li Changru

Love O2O (2016) as Er Xi

The Gold Matchmaker 2 (2015) as Jin Linglong

Miss Unlucky (2015) as Bei Lili

Love Yunge from the Desert (2015) as Empress Shang Guan

The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014) as Guo Fu

The New Snow Leopard (2014) as Xiao Ya

Sword Family Women (2014) as Yang Wenjun

Love Is Back (2014) as Bao Niannian

Lady's House (2014) as Zeng Linggan

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013) as Zhong Ling

Aftershock (2013)

Magic Blade (2012) as Nangong Ling

Empresses in the Palace (2011) as Noble Lady Ying

Night Falls in Chang'an (2011) as Bai Mudan

Silly Youth (2011) as young Zhao Subu

Detective (2010) as Liu'er




Zui Jia Pai Dang 醉+拍档 (2019)

Fighting Youth (2015) as Su Shi








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