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William Feng Shao Feng (Уилям Фън Шао Фън)

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 冯绍峰 / Feng Shao Feng / Фън Шао Фън

Рожденно име: 冯威 / Feng Wei (Фън Уей)

Английско име :  William Feng ( Уилям Фън)

Професия: Актрьор

Дата на раждане: 7 октомври   1978 г.  

Родно място: Шанхай, Китай

Височина: 180 см

Тегло: 70 кг

Зодия: везни

Китайски зодиак: кон

Агенция: Huayi Brothers

Образувание:Shanghai Theatre Academy (1997-2001)

Език: Мандарин, 

Етничност: хан 

Семеен статус:съпругa Zhao Li Ying , син

Дебют: 1998 г в няколко телевизионни сериала като  Boy & Girl,Wind and Cloud 2Assassinator Jing Ke


Baidu Baike




Great Age 大时代 (2020) as Kuang Mingchou

The Imperial Age (2020) as Yongle Emperor

The Story of Minglan (2018) as Gu Tingye

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 (2017) as Wu Julan

The Starry Night, The Starry Sea (2017) as Wu Julan

Ice Fantasy Destiny (2017) as Feng Suo

Ice Fantasy (2016) as Ka Suo

Prince of Lan Ling (2013) as Gao Changgong

Legend of the Military Seal (2012) as Lord Xinling

Beijing Love Story 小城大爱 (2012) as Ouyang Yifei

Symphony of Fate (2011) as Liu Chenxi

The Emperor's Harem (2011) as Yang Yong

Palace (2011) as Yinsi

Journey to the West (2011) as Erlang Shen

My Daughter (2011) as Zheng Yunhai

Horizon True Heart (2010) as Zheng Shixian

The Girl in Blue (2010) as Meng Heping

Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010) as Liu Zhang

Ghost Catcher - Legend of Beauty 天师钟馗之美丽传说之美丽之罪 (2010) as Huang Bingcheng

Good Wife and Mother (2009) as Xiao Feng

A Husband and Wife (2009) as Qiu Li

The Diamond Family 钻石豪门 (2009) as Shi Junchao

Love Tribulations (2009) as Shen Chaozong

Traveling to Tiger Mountain 再向虎山行 (2009) as Rong Kuan

Rose Martial World (2008) as Cen Yetong

A Thousand Teardrops (2008) as Meng Shaobai

Women's Flowers 女人花 (2008) as Wu Yusheng

Yun Niang 芸娘 (2008) as Lu Haozhong

Special Policewoman 非常女警 (2007) as Han Yue

The Drive of Life (2007) as Wah Chun-man

Deep Night 夜深沉 (2006) as Song Xinsheng

The Conquest (2006) as Crown Prince You

Sigh of His Highness (2005) as Rong Lu

The Legend of Hero (2004) as Li Qianjun

Assassinator Jingke (2004) as Crown Prince Dan of Yan

First Kind of Crisis 第一种危机 (2004) as Tong Gang

First Lover 初恋情人 (2004) as Fang Zhenwen

Wind and Cloud 2 (2003) as Huaikong

Princess Wu You (2003, guest)

Boy & Girl (2002) as Yin Shan

Illusion 镜花水月 (2012) as Ren Weijian

Love Password 爱情密码 (2001) as Hao Lei

Father Goes Forward 老爸向前冲 (2001) as Chen Mingyuan

Rising 崛起 (2001) as Li Jinsong

Actually Don't Want to Go 其实不想走 (2000) as Shen Jiaju

Shang Cheng Mei You Ye Wan 商城没有夜晚 (2000) as Bai Ling

Pu Dong Ge Yao 浦东歌谣 (1998) as Red Guard

Xing Xing Chuan 星星串 (1998) as Wen Jun

Shao Nian Xu Bei Hong 少年徐悲鸿 (1998) as Xu Beihong



Song of the Assassins (2019) as Qi Junyuan

Pegasus (2019, cameo)

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (2018) as Yuchi Zhenjin

The Monkey King 3 (2018) as Tang Sanzang

Hanson and the Beast (2017) as Yuan Shuai (Hanson)

My Best Friend's Wedding (2016) as Li Ran

The Monkey King 2 (2016) as Tang Sanzang

The Bodyguard (2016, cameo)

Bride Wars (2015, cameo)

Dragon Blade (2015) as Huo Qubing (Guest)

Wolf Totem (2015) as Chen Zhen

The Golden Era (2014) as Xiao Jun

The Continent (2014) as Han Dong

Snow Blossom (2014) as Da Han

Love Will Tear Us Apart (2013) as Jiang Liangliang

Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013) as Yuchi Zhenjin

Tai Chi Hero (2012) as Chen Zaiyang

Tai Chi 0 (2012) as Chen Zaiyang

Double Exposure (2012) as Liu Dong

Threads of Time (2012) as Chen Zilong

Painted Skin 2 (2012) as Pang Lang

White Vengeance (2011) as Xiang Yu

If You Are the One 2 (2010, cameo)

Hooked on You (2007)

Dragon Gate Station (2006) as Hou Feng

Brush Up My Sisters (2004) as Dan

My Wishes (1999)
















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