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Sandra Ng Kwan Yue (Сандра Ен Джи Куан Юе)

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Sandra Ng Kwan Yue / 吴君如  / Сандра Н Куан Юе

Професия: Актриса, продуцент , режисьор, певица ,радио водещ

Дата на раждане: 2 август 1965  г.  

Родно място: Хонг Конг

Височина: 164 см

Тегло: 50 кг.

Зодия: лъв 


Образoвание:St. Stephen's Girls' College

Семеен статус: партньор Peter Chan, дъщеря Jilian Chan 



Baidu Baike




Wo Ai Fu Rong Jie (CTV, 2007)

Kung Fu Soccer (TVB, 2004)




Monster Hunt (2015)

Lost and Love (2015)

12 Golden Ducks (2015)

A Fantastic Ghost Wedding (2014)

McDull: Me & My Mum (2014)

Naked Ambition 2 (2014)

Golden Chicken 3 (2014)

Hello Babies (2014)

Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters (2013)

Better and Better (2013)

Hotel Deluxe (2013)

McDull - Pork of Music (2012)

Ripples of Desire (2012)

Marrying Mr. Perfect (2012)

All's Well, Ends Well 2012 (2012)

I Love Hong Kong (2011)

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (2011)

Good Times, Bed Times (2003)

Golden Chicken 2 (2003)

Golden Chicken (2002) - Kam

Dance of a Dream  (2001) - Kam

My Life as McDull  (2001) (voice) - Mrs. McDull

City of Desire (2001)

Martial Angels  (2001) - Monkey

Jiang hu: The Triad Zone (2000) - Sophie Yam

Born to Be King (2000) - Sister 13

Those Were the Days (2000) - Sister Thirteen

Juliet in Love  (2000) - Judy Chu

Metade Fumaca (1999)

I Will Wait for You (1994)

All's Well, Ends Well Too  (1993)

All's Well, Ends Well  (1992)

Cash On Delivery (1992)

The Romancing Star III (1989)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World III (1989)

The Inspector Wears Skirts /  霸王花(1988)

Love Soldier of Fortune / 愛的逃兵(1988)

The Greatest Lover/公子多情 (1988)

King of Stanley Market / 褲甲天下 (1988)

Operation Pink Squad/ 霸王女福星 (1988)

Three Wishes / 黑心鬼(1988)

Peking Opera Blues  (1986)

Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars (1985)


Музикално видео : 

1984г"Gao Wen Jing Jie 高溫境界" - Ken Choi

1986г. "Red Mobile 紅色跑車" - Tai Chi

2019г. "Hubby" - Jolin Tsai









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