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Seo Hyun Jin (Со Хьон Джин)

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Име: Seo Hyun Jin/ 서현진

Дата на раждане: 27 февруари 1985 г.

Място на раждане: Сеул, Южна Корея

Професия: актриса и певица

Ръст: 167 см

Тегло: 45 кг

Кръвна група: B

Образование: Dongduk Women's University (музикология)

Музикален дебют: през 2001 г. с момичешката група M.I.L.K, която се разпада през 2003 г.

Актьорски дебют: през 2006 г. в мюзикъла The Sound of Music



Why Her? (SBS, 2022)

You Are My Spring (tvN, 2021)

Record of Youth (tvN, 2020) - епизоди 7 и 8

Black Dog (tvN, 2019-2020)

The Beauty Inside (JTBC, 2018)

Let's Eat 3 (tvN, 2018) - епизод 2

Temperature of Love (SBS, 2017)

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (SBS, 2016-2017)

Bring it on, Ghost (tvN, 2016) - епизод 13

Another Miss Oh (tvN, 2016)

Let's Eat 2 (tvN, 2015)

The Three Musketeers (tvN, 2014)

King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (MBC, 2013-2014)

Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire (MBC, 2013)

Here Comes Oh Ja Ryong (MBC, 2012-2013)

Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012-2013) - гост

Feast of the Gods (MBC, 2012)

The Duo (MBC, 2011)

H.I.T (MBC, 2007)

Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)


ТВ филми

Drama Festival: Rebellious (MBC, 2013)

The Peak (MBC, 2011)



Cassiopeia (2022)

Mystery Pink (2018) - късометражен

Because I Love You (2017)

Familyhood (2016)

The Peach Tree (2012)

Life is Peachy (2011)

Magic (2010)

The Madonna (2009) - късометражен

Story of Wine (2008)

Dating on Earth (2006)

Love Me Not (2006)



Cinderella (2015)

Goong: The Musical (2010)

The Sound of Music (2006)


Шоу програми

Let's Eat with Friends (tvN, 2015)

SNS Expedition (SBS, 2014)


Участия в OST

What is Love with Yoo Seung Woo - Another Miss Oh OST (2016)

Up & Down feat. Risso - Let's Eat 2 OST (2015)

Jungeupsa feat. Kim Na Ni - King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang OST (2013)

Calling - Air City OST (2007)

0 (Zero) - Hyena OST (2006)

Give Me A Little Try - Goong OST (2006)


Участия във видеоклипове

Seo Young Eun - One Step at a Time

4Tomorrow - Dugeun Dugeun, Tomorrow






2017 BaekSang Awards: Best Actress (Another Miss Oh)

2016 SBS Drama Awards: Excellent Actress (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)

2016 SBS Drama Awards: Ten Star (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)

2016 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)

2016 tvN10 Awards: Made in tvN Actress (Another Miss Oh)

2016 tvN10 Awards: Romantic Comedy Queen (Another Miss Oh)

2016 APAN Star Awards: Excellent Actress in mini series (Another Miss Oh)

2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellent Actress in drama (Feast of Gods, Here Comes Mr. Oh)

2011 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress in mini series (The Duo)

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 В преговори за нова главна роля за предстоящата драма на tvN drama 'You're My Spring'  . :panda-145:
Сценарист: Lee Mi Na (Bubblegum)
Режисьор: Jung Ji Hyun (The King: Eternal Monarch, Search: WWW)
За главна мъжка роля от днес се говори с Kim Dong Wook. Преди това проекта беше предложен на Yoon Kye Sang
Драмата се очаква през първата половина на следващата  година. (някъде пише втората :D)
Aко приеме ще игра в ролята на Kang Da Jung
Ето сюжета:
Off Topic

“You Are My Spring” is about three characters who each live on with their seven-year-old selves in their hearts. All of the characters are held back by the keyword “salvation,” and the story begins there. The drama aims to be a “healing” romance story of seven-year-olds hiding behind adult facades. The character Kang Da Jung is a hotel concierge manager who takes after her father’s brains and her mother’s resourcefulness. She has never attended a private cram school like her peers, but she enters and finishes college with scholarships. She then goes on to find a job at a five-star hotel and rises up to the manager position faster than any of her fellow employees who were hired at the same time as her. Her problem is that she also takes after her mother’s poor choice in men and dates men who are terrible like her father. Yoon Kye Sang is said to have been offered the role of Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist who helps others heal their emotional wounds and find the will to live. However, he himself bears his own scars from not having been able to save his older brother and one of his patients.



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Потвърдена е за главната роля в сериала Why Her.  Сериала е за топ адвокат, която допуска сериозна грешка и е принудена да приеме работата като професор в местното правен университет. Тя прави всичко възможно да се върне на старата си работа, но се запознава с един студент и явно тогава нещата се заплитат. Трябва да започне да се излъчва на 11.03.2022. 

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Получила е оферта за нов романтичен сериал Trunk.  Партньор най вероятно ще и бъде Gong Yoo.  Сериала ще разказва за брачна агенция която свързва клиентите си с техният желан партньор. 


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